Tuesday, July 31, 2007



Had a great time chatting with one of The Famous 4, KT, on msn last night and as usual, we had our girl talk =P

Suddenly she asked what happened to the plan YX and I made since high school about getting a bikini...So I told her that YX got hers already and I, on the other hand, haven't cause I'm scared to wear it already since Adelaide is super duper small I could just bump into anyone I know here >.< And I would not like to bump into anyone while being in a bikini, thank you very much!

What d'ya know?! KT got her bikini already?! o.O shocking! Since she was the most shy among us and she also shocked us by getting attached in college...hehe~ Now I see how much we've changed over the past few years and I think it's a good change.

4 of us, total different personalities...well, not exactly 100% different but you get the drift. We are all so unique in our own ways and because of this difference, we mix together so well I can't even use words to describe. We can talk endlessly during Taekwondo trainings, recesses and hangouts. We could talk about ANYTHING, anything under the sky, anything that your twisted minds can ever think of...

Before I knew JM, I thought I was the only person on Earth who eats the slowest! After I knew her, we were waiting for each other to finish our food =P Awww~ I loved recesses...We can never get enough of each other (The Famous 4). We would run to each others' classes during period breaks to just say something totally pointless.

I always thought I'd never find friends who can click with me because of my weird personality...lol...but I guess opposites attract XD


Monday, July 30, 2007


I'm on cloud 9 at the moment...there's nothing to do with P whatsoever...just because I feel happy...happy without a reason. Well, there IS a reason but I came to a bigger realisation today after our bible study session.

I've been feeling really happy after bible study sessions...just like on Friday night, E asked me why I was smiling and laughing the whole time and she was so sure that there was something to do with P and when I said no she didn't believe me.

Anyway, I'm just so speechless about my being so happy...so I'll just leave it just here.

Tomorrow's the beginning of another week of uni...gotta make the best out of every day!


Sunday, July 29, 2007


...I realise I'm too emotional, in a good way maybe. I'm not sure, you tell me.

Was just reading one of my brother's friends' blogs when suddenly my tears flowed down my cheeks as I read the last sentence.


He was blogging about his going back to Penang, his hometown, which is also mine. ^.^ They way he described Penang made me realise that that's where I was born, that's where I was brought up...so what if people think Penang is ulu? Well, to certain extent, I do agree Penang is ulu, so what? It's my identity and 18 years of memories in Penang have been kept in the corners of my heart.

Just a few days ago, my brother sent me an MMS of mummy's pic...and suddenly I felt that she grew old alot...maybe it's the same I don't know, but she looked older to me. Having heard about the death of a friend's father made me appreciate what I have more...When my dad told me they went out for late supper and they had Penang's most famous Char Koay Teow, I couldn't help but to ask them to take care and not to eat too much of oily food.

I wanna go home...I wanna see my parents and brother waving at me at the airport, knowing that they're OK. But I know that when I go home during the summer holidays, my brother won't be there anymore...he'd be back in Moscow, doing his 4th year of medicine. I miss annoying him and laughing like a siao char bor (given by my brother).

I can still remember how my brother and I fought over EVERY SINGLE thing. We'd kick and punch each other like there's no tomorrow. He'd use his karate techniques, I'd just use whatever techniques I could think of...Mummy would always (well, not exactly always) scold him because he's the elder one and he doesn't know how to control his strength. I'd end up having a stomach ache due to the punches...but what the heck?! Hehe~ I miss those days...

We're the total opposites...Used to wonder if God had mistaken our identities XP (Note the word "USED TO") Wish I could post a picture of my brother and I when we were little but I lost my pictures when my computer was sent for repair and I didn't have time to scan our pictures into my laptop.

My aunts and cousins once told me that although my brother and I fought alot when we were young, he loved me alot...=') Once when I was around 3 years old, I did something (I forgot what) and my dad (or mum, can't remember) wanted to beat me with the cane but he protected me against it. Can you imagine that?! Awww...mushy feeling came over me. My brother?! Haha...my brother who doesn't even show that he cares did that for me! *giggles*

Well, not only me brother I guess. My family is a typical Chinese family where they do not tell each other they care but they care through actions. I think the only time I told them that I miss them was since I came here...and I did it through SMS XP Oh well, better late than never right?
I THINK my dad missed me the most...I said I THINK cause I'm not sure. My dad is worse than my mom. He misses my brother but he acts all cool and calm when my brother calls whereas my mom would rush to the phone to talk to him. At least they have my brother to keep them company for now...

My mom told me years ago that my dad had always wanted a daughter. My parents got married late so my mom was kinda "old" when she conceived my brother and my dad suggested that they try for a baby girl before it's too late. So, here I am! Born into this world...My mom gave birth to me when she was 41 so they were kind of worried if I would be normal and stuff. Hello world!!

So, from now on, I shall not condemn myself and should learn to forgive myself. That was why I felt so happy yesterday after OCF...=D Ah...starting to get lazy in typing...shall elaborate the next time IF I'm still in the mood to...

Hillsong - Royalty

God made me who I meant to be
He loves me just the way I am

God made me who I meant to be
His dreams for me is so amazing

For this simple reason
I am happy to be me

My God watches over me
I feel like royalty


Friday, July 27, 2007

I'm officially...

...afraid of balls.

Not THAT kinda balls, mind you.

It's the balls we use to play basketball, baseball, and other games.

Well, I think I developed that phobia in primary school.

I wasn't good in basketball and my PE teacher had something against me.

Then one time in high school, I was playing baseball with a friend and I was trying to hit the baseball when the baseball came smashing into my face, exactly between my nose and my lips. *ouch*

I was wearing braces then...It hurt soooo bad I thought I was going to lose a few teeth but thank God I didn't. However, one of my coloured rubber bands came off.

From then on, I told myself not to play with ANY type of (game) balls.

But when I came here, I thought maybe I don't have that phobia anymore and what do you know?

Got hit by a basketball again right at my nose! >.<

And now I'm thinking...how do I ever learn any sport involving balls?


I MUST overcome my phobia...but how?! =S

Thursday, July 26, 2007

2nd day of 2nd semester

Had a hard time choosing another elective because the ones that I'm interested in are either full or the time clashes with my other subjects =S

So, I settled for Religions of the Ancient World which the seminar is held in Mawson Lakes campus located FAR FAR FAR FAR FAR FAR FAR FAR FAR away from my hostel...*sigh*

It's ok...I think I can take it...if it's too much to bear, I know He'll be by my side, supporting me all the way!

Well, uni was normal...no friends to have lunch with, resulting my sleeping on the cafeteria table until my arms were numb @.@

I used to hate bus rides...but now I think I enjoy them. I enjoy watching the world go by...house after house, tree after tree, person after person, it's just so fascinating =))

I'm feeling better...after everything that has happened. Can't believe that my life here is sooooooo "colourful" compared to my life back in Penang. Probably because of the people I got to know. Can't imagine how my life would be if I hadn't met them...hmmm...*thinks*

I've been thinking, have I been listening more or talking more? In nature, I'm a talkative person, yes.

I still remember in Form 5, I sat with one of my best friends, YX, in class and we talked 24/7 until the prefect in front of us got annoyed =P but we didn't care anyway and that prefect kinda got used to it eventually...HAH!

Then sometime after mid-year exams, I started to feel that I needed to listen more...so I did. I thought I didn't play my part good enough. Surprise surprise, when we were about to graduate, YX wrote: "I realised that now you've learnt to listen more and I really appreciate it" in my autograph book. So it did make a difference! I still remember that phrase till today...and I wanna live up to it once again.

Somehow, sometimes I just can't contain whatever I wanna say. I just blurt out everything and anything that's on my mind >.< Then I'll regret for not being patient enough. Now, that's one of the reasons I hate myself sometimes. I shall not elaborate on the other stuff that make me hate myself =S And yes, I shall start learning how to forgive myself...I really need to =)


Women's Rights

Well, something happened to me today...I shall not say what...

But, I'm very sure now that I understand how other women feel when their rights and dignity are violated.

It's like sometimes we do not make it a big deal because we feel that there's no need to complicate things further.

However, when we do not make it an issue, men think that they have the authority and power because they know that we won't do anything and that we are vulnerable.

So...I'm still a bit disturbed but at the same time I sympathise them for they do not how to think with their brains.

It's ok, I shall forgive them...

Women are humans as well ok? Without women, alot of things cannot be achieved as women have the will power most men do not possess.

Oh well, I shall not go on and on about women's strength...=P

All I wanna say is, I'm kinda pissed for not standing up for myself. I should have been more couragous. *sigh* Now I kinda regret but then if I had stood up for myself everyone would be upset. ARRGGGHHHH! I don't know...=S


Tuesday, July 24, 2007

It's moments like this...

...I wish I was a guy

I hate it when I wanna let some tears out because of frustration but they just wouldn't come out.

I hate it when I know that nothing's changed but I can't be who I am.

I hate it when I'm emotional.

I hate it when I have nothing to say anymore.

I hate it when I'm typing this post because I hate what I'm feeling right now.

I hate it when I start to think incoherently.

And most of all...

I hate it when I say I want to sleep early but ending up sleeping late!!!!

I hate myself!

p/s: If I can't wake up tomorrow morning, I have myself to blame >.<


A New Start

Today is the day...

Uni starts and I have to make sure I sleep early and wake up early...

Not gonna be like last sem, where I slept late and woke up early...and then feel sleepy the whole day the next day...

Woke up at 10am today, had my breakfast and here I am...

Still listening to that particular song...

But everything's different now...

The truth is exposed but I'm sure nothing has changed!

Thank God for that...I am truly blessed =)

Faith n obedience - that's what I learnt in yesterday's bible study...

Shall elaborate more the next time...


Sunday, July 22, 2007

History repeated itself -.-

Why?! Why?!

Arrggghhhh...I'm so pissed with myself >.<

Just in 7 months being in Adelaide, I've already wet my pants, let me see....thrice!!

And 2 out of 3 times, my bible was in my bag!!

I wet my bible twice! =S

Nevermind, I shall tell you guys how I wet my pants the last 2 times some other time.

Feeling so tired and sleepy...gotta go and sleep now.



Saturday, July 21, 2007

Forbidden Love (?)

It's lunchtime...

And I'm having my lunch in my room because all of my friends are in the city >.< style="font-style: italic;">Nick stepped back, his arms falling heavily by his sides, and looked at her in disbelief.
'You're actually going to throw away this all away because you're an inverted snob,' he said angrily.
'If you like,' said Laura, keeping all her emotions in check with one last herculean effort.
'You're a coward,' he said, his voice harsh, his fists clenched. He shook his head. 'Coward.'
She turned and walked towards the car, and when she reached it she took the keys out and, trembling, tried to unlock it. Her hands were shaking. He watched her as she opened the door.
'You know, I actually thought I might be falling in love with you,' he said quietly. He stepped away, turned around and walked towards the house, and didn't turn back once.
Laura drove out of the stables, onto the long, wide driveway, not daring to look in the mirror in case she caught sight of Chartley behind her, or the figure climbing the steps at the front to disappear inside. Tears rolled down her cheeks; she gripped the steering wheel and put her foot on the accelerator.
'The trouble is, I'd already fallen in love with you,' she said softly to herself, as she reached the end of the long, long drive, and turned onto the main road, back towards home."

(Evans 2006, p. 316)

*sob* I wonder if they'll end up together...gonna read it later...It's been ages since I read a romantic novel. The last time I cried reading a novel was last year when I read A Walk to Remember. The book and the movie had some differences. All in all, I still prefer the book simply because it's the original story AND it's way more touching than the movie. Many people, like me, do not know why the story is called "a walk to remember" and think that maybe it's because they had one last walk together =P The real reason is when Jamie fell sick, she could hardly stand on her own 2 feet and it took her a huge amount of effort to walk down the aisle on her wedding day, hence the title "A Walk to Remember" =')


Woke up today, feeling a pang of sadness come over me...

I'm not sure why I felt that way. but I think it's caused by several reasons:

  1. J came knocking on my door, bidding her goodbye because she's leaving today
  2. Received an sms from my best friend, N, since Form2 saying that she dreamt of me and because she misses me so much
  3. I came online and the first song I listened to was that song...
  4. Classes are resuming next week and I haven't gotten enough of the holidays
Reason no.1 was a little illogical but still I think humans are like that, when we spend time with certain people most of our waking time...when it comes to the time to separate...somehow you'll have this strange feeling of sadness. Or I'm just being too emotional?

I wanted to hug N tightly and tell her that she'll always be my best friend so badly! I still remember in Form3, we kind of had an argument over something really really stupid (I can't remember what) and we were giving each other the cold shoulder. However, I guess friendship wins over pride. Both of us decided to send each other an e-mail to apologise. And you know how people used to say "sorry seems to be the hardest word"? Well, we did it! We made this promise to stay as best friends even though we're old, married and have grandchildren ^_^ and so I replied her sms telling her that we must always keep in touch no matter how far apart we may be. *sniff* OMG! I just realised I still have that e-mail N sent me!! Awww~ This is a part she wrote:

'ee lin' i say please stay
give our 'friendship' a chance for one more day
we'll try to work things out
taking time is what 'friendship's' all about

I know you don't read my blog, busy preparing for STPM and all...but IF you ever come across this post, I'm sorry I get on your nerves sometimes too =P Can't wait to see you at the end of the year!! I'll strive here...while you strive back home! ;) Let's watch ALL the movies released in the cinemas, scaring the shit out of ourselves, laughing like nobody's business and crying like our dog just died XD

Talking about N reminds me of a naughty thing we did =P Luckily there weren't any 'casualties'. One time we were in the cinema watching this horror movie and suddenly I got a msg from this unknown person asking "me" where i was and that "she" missed "me" something like that...and she sounded like she's some naggy girlfriend or some sort so I replied "I'm sorry to tell you but I wanna break up with you" >.<

Reason no.3, 我实在不明白我自己,明明一切已经没事了,怎么一醒来就去听那首歌曲?一旦喜欢上一个人,就难以自拔的我,已经浪费我中学时光在一个不喜欢我的人的身上。这次,我学聪明了,不再浪费时间和精神在这样的人的身上。但是,明明已经告诉自己不要再胡思乱想,却每次听xx语的歌曲,脑海就情不自禁的想起他来。


Friday, July 20, 2007










Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Cheery Cherry...

...I used to be.

I'm gonna find my old self back!!!

Currently addicted to a song sung by Celine Dion and some guy called Love Lights Up the World.

It is not a romantic love song but love in general...Everytime I listen to the chorus, I feel so so so depressed because...nevermind.

The lyrics goes like this:

Somewhere in this world
Someone shed a tear
Somebody just like you
Feels the way you do

Somewhere in this world
Someone understands
Another needs a helping hand
Help them if you can

I can touch you where you are
We both share every star
'Cause a common thread runs through

Life means much the same to all
So let's tear down every wall
And build a bridge from me to you

When will we put fear aside?
Why can't we throw away false pride?
Every heart will glow when
Love lights up the world

No need to walk in the dark
We don't have to stand so far apart
Every heart will know when
Love lights up the world

Mothers everywhere
Babies at their breast
One love is like the rest

A universal bond
All around the world

Children laugh and play
Every boy and girl
The future of the world

As time continues on

I can touch you where you are
We both share every star
'Cause a common thread runs through

Life means much the same to all
So let's tear down every wall
And build a bridge from me to you

When will we put fear aside?
Why can't we throw away false pride?
Every heart will glow when
Love lights up the world

No need to walk in the dark
We don't have to stand so far apart
Every heart will know when
Love lights up the world

When will we put fear aside?
Why can't we throw away false pride?
Every heart will glow when
Love lights up the world

Love is gonna light this whole world

No need to walk in the dark
We don't have to stand so far apart
Every heart will glow when
Love lights up the world

Love lights the world
Love lights the world
Let me hear it one more time

Love lights the world
And it shines on you
Love lights the world

Love lights the world

Love lights the world
Love lights up the world
And it shines on you

Love lights the world
Love lights up the world
Love lights the world
Love lights up the world
Love lights up the world
Love lights up the world

p/s: sorry for what I've done, guys...Please be patient with me as God is still working on me =')

Tuesday, July 17, 2007


I'm more depressed than ever....ever!!

After receiving a phone call from a friend, G, I'm depressed...

So heartbroken...

A bible verse to keep me sane:
(can't remember which book, which chapter and verse =S will go find out)
The LORD is near to those who have a broken heart and saves such as have a contrite spirit

Sorry, I Lied

Guys...I think you know who you are...

Sorry, I lied...I wasn't in my room sleeping.

I was running away from the world.

I know it's crazy to talk to you guys through this blog, but I just can't face you guys.

I don't know how to express myself anymore.

Dress to impress?

*laughs hysterically*

Nah...never! For me, at least...

I may not be perfect but I' m always me...

So...guess what I did today! I, being so me, went for a walk in Morialta Conservation Park in pyjamas and slippers!! Yep! You guys "heard" that right...pyjamas and slippers! Woohoo~

It's not that I always wear pyjamas everywhere in Penang. In fact I've never really worn pyjamas out, unless I'll be sitting in the car waiting for my parents to do their stuff =D

It was super duper fun...Not caring what people think of you.

For the first time in ages, I could do something as crazy as this. Well, it might not sound crazy to some people but it might be to my friends here. Cause I've been wanting to wear my pyjamas when I go out but many a times, my friends will ask me to go change...hehe~

At first I imagined myself as a mental patient who was on the loose...haha...I have to admit, my pyjamas did look a little like a mental patient's except for the teddies and duckies all over them =P I did get quite a number of stares but I didn't care. I just walked in and admired the greenery around me. It was definitely a sight for sore eyes!! After that I was thinking: What if people think I'm some kind of psycho trying to commit suicide in the park? That thought made me wanna laugh out loud! Yeah right...committing suicide with a phone and room key in one hand. =D

And there's where the saying "There's always a blessing at the end of every wrong turn" comes into the picture. I took the wrong road. Instead of turning right to the first falls, I made a left turn to some muddy and steep road. As I walked up that road, I started panting a little...and then...*speechless* how spectacular the scenery was from up there! I guess that's the "blessing" I got...Wow~

After snapping a few pictures, I turned back and took the road that I should've taken. As I walked further in, the strong wind blew harder and harder on my face, making it so numb I wasn't even sure if my face was still there! >.< Seeing the waterfalls makes me think of a song called "Indescribable". The lyrics go something like this:

From the highest of heights to the depths of the sea
Creation's revealing Your majesty
From the colors of fall to the fragrance of spring
Every creature unique in the song that it sings
All exclaiming

Indescribable, uncontainable,
You placed the stars in the sky and You know them by name.
You are amazing God
All powerful, untamable,
Awestruck we fall to our knees as we humbly proclaim
You are amazing God


On the way back to my hostel, I started to think again.

Haha~ Thinking...that's what I do best.

Why do people judge you by what you wear? Who made the rule that pyjamas should be worn to bed and office-wear should be worn to work etc. If everyone wears pyjamas to work and office-wear to sleep, then it would be a norm because everyone does it. You get what I mean? Ahh...I don't understand myself either =P Just a thought...Now another question comes to my mind...Why do women wear high heels?! LOL...besides wanting to be taller and to make their butts higher or something (no offence to those wearing heels). I once read in a health magazine that high heels are a form of modern-day feet-binding and I couldn't agree more! We as humans are made to walk on our flat (but arched) feet, why wear high heels that can cause health problems? OK, I know some of you are already thinking: I'm sure you'll wear high heels one day! I'm not completely against it or anything, I'm just curious. Please don't bombard me with negative comments! >.<

Anyway, I feel much much fresher after having a walk with nature. Fresh air....*inhales deeply*

On my way in...

Teddies on my pj's =D

On my way up the wrong road =S

On the way down...


On the way out...*thinks*

That's all guys...one of my boring days =D

Crap, I'm feeling hungry already...hehe~


Saturday, July 14, 2007


After talking to E, I realised that whatever I type in my blog doesn't 100% reflect my thoughts because as I've said it before I don't really know how to express my thoughts in words.

Once I try to express them in words, they come out totally different from what I was thinking =S

Then again, I give up...

Maybe not give up totally but maybe I'll try not to force myself in expressing my thoughts in words...


Anyway, wanted to share something with you guys but it's getting late and I don't feel like typing too much.

So, stay tune to what I'm going to share with you!! ;)



Was chatting with a friend and I realised that I am a person who is very hard to understand.

I may feel something but don't show it.

I have things to say but I don't know how to say it.

I think of stuff but I don't know how to put my thoughts in words.

I may look angry but I'm not.

I may feel sad but I look angry.

I feel angry but I look normal.

And yes...everytime when I'm not sure how to express my feelings and thoughts, I say "nevermind"


Am I just another complicated girl, just like what everyone says? - Girls are complicated creatures.


Friday, July 13, 2007

Right or Wrong?

I've made my decision....

Although I'm not quite sure if it's right...

Maybe...I should just let go...

Or maybe not...

I shall wait and see what happens...

Time will tell...

Or maybe not...

Only God knows...

This may not make sense to some...

But it doesn't matter...


Bored n Lazy

I just had my lunch and here I am, updating my blog because I've been receiving complaints about how seldom I update my blog =P

Right now, I'm just feeling super bored and lazy to do anything. Still in my pyjamas. Woke up this morning to have breakfast with E, then went to her room to chat until I fell asleep on her bed until lunch time -.-" great...

I need a shower but I'm lazy...I want to read Hopeless Romantic but I can't stop imagining myself as the female character in the novel...I feel like walking around the neighbourhood but it's too cold outside...I want to sleep all day but I'd be wasting my time...

Another week and holidays will be over!!! ARRGGGHHHH!! I'm panicking...I'm dreading classes already ='( My results are still not out...that freaks me out the most...=S

Anyway, was watching this Japanese drama series with one of my friends, D, last night. The drama is about this man who couldn't get married because of his weird personality (I think) and the drama basically revolves around this man's life. One thing I noticed from Japanese and Korean drama series is that when women and men of certain age are not married, their family or friends would arrange some sort of meeting for them with men or women so that they could find their marriage partner. I just don't get it. What's wrong with being single your whole life?! Ok, maybe nothing's wrong, but why?! Besides no one taking care of you, I think it's fun being single...although I myself have to admit that sometimes it's better to have someone by your side. How do people actually get married after looking at each other's pictures, go out on a few dates without even knowing that person well enough?? Isn't that freaky?? What if you end up marrying someone who's totally not meant for you and that's it...your whole life is ruined!? You only have one life...One true love...One soulmate...One marriage...

Maybe I was wrong about the "one marriage" part since people nowadays get divorced when they find that they're not suitable for each other. They may be fortunate enough to get divorced (not that I agree with getting a divorce) but what about those women out there who are not as "fortunate"? They suffer in silence for the sake of their kids, because they're not capable enough to be independent, they're too scared to stand up for themselves etc.?? Hmmm...so many questions need an answer. And why is it that men are always the dominating one? I've asked this questions to my guy friends before at the table during breakfast - Why is it that when a man has an affair, it's forgivable but when it's the woman who has an affair, the husband finds it so hard to forgive? And why is it that when a girl burps people find it unacceptable but when a guy burps it's totally acceptable? Aren't we all the same? Humans made by God? Then why are there so much stereotyping? In certain aspects I do agree that each gender has their strengths and weaknesses but certain aspects I just totally don't get it. *sigh*

See the results of being bored and lazy? My mind starts to wander around...thinking about Why questions @.@

I promise I shall not blog unless I have some interesting stuff to tell ok?? =D

Currently listening to:

I set out on a narrow way many years ago
Hoping I would find true love
Along the broken road
But I got lost a time or two
Wiped my brow, kept pushing through
I couldn't see how every sign pointed straight to you

Every long lost dream
Led me to where you are
Others who broke my heart
They were like northern stars
Pointing me on my way
Into your loving arms
This much I know is true
That God bless the broken road
That led me straight to you

- Bless the Broken Road by Rascal Flatts -

Now this reminds me of a quote from New York Minute - There's always a blessing at the end of every wrong turn - which I find it quite true. Sometimes we ask "why me?" "why now?" but we often dwell in the negative side of the situation that we are not able to see the blessing God has in store for us. Haha~ This sounds familiar...I read it in one of my e-mails about Curses and Blessings.

Oh man!! See how much I've digressed?!!? Totally out of "topic" XD

'Till next time! ;)


Thursday, July 12, 2007



I forgot something...better type this before I go to bed.

Since so many people know my blog already...I shall not uncover my secrets =P

In future, if I ever uncover any of my secrets, I'd not use the initial of that person.

Any initials that represent your name are just purely coincidential.

'Nite peeps!!

"Family" Outing


The day before yesterday, all of us (G, B, E, K and I) woke up early to start on our journey to Cleland Wildlife Park. Our driver, K, said that we'd be leaving at 9am SHARP, but I guess his 9am was "blunt" XD When I went down to the dining hall to have my breakfast, the only person I saw was E, preparing her breakfast. So, I thought, cool! I still have time for breakfast...hehe~ and so we ended up leaving HH at around 9:15am.

Oh no, I can't really remember EVERY single detail now...anyway, I think that day was the day I really knew how the Adelaide street directory works =P Before that I didn't even bother to find out how it works 'cause I don't drive and the people here who know how to drive know their way to their destinations.

It was super duper cold at Cleland!! Good thing I brought along my jacket although I hate the pink hood. Nevermind that, that morning, I was having a dilemma on whether I should bring my jacket because I felt so warm in the morning with the rays of sunshine shining through my window which made me sweat a little already. In the end, I did not wanna take the risk of catching a cold or anything...so I brought it! haha~

Cleland wasn't exactly fun but it was fascinating seeing the animals and their behaviours. They were a great bunch to observe and the air there was super fresh despite the "smelliness" of animal dungs at certain spots. *arrggghhhh* While walking along the path to the birds section, we literally had to watch where we were going 'cause there were shit everywhere on the floor! Big pile, small pile, scattered pile...you name it, they've got it! >.<

I only knew that kangaroos and wallabies are cousins that day. They look almost alike I couldn't even tell them apart. We had fun feeding them, having their saliva on our hands...haha...K was busy bullying them, putting food on the head of one kangaroo (or was that a wallaby?) so that the other kangaroo would eat from its head. *sigh* animal cruelty =D

E attempted to kiss a kangaroo but I failed to capture a pic of that moment cause the kangaroo was restless and couldn't stop moving. G, B's girlfriend, wanted to see the animals mate cause K said it was interesting to look at...*ROTFL*

Us at Cleland Wildlife Park

After going through 'obstacles' (smelling and avoiding animal dung, nearly got attacked by a 'macho-looking' bird, and got dirt stuck on my shoes), we proceeded to Hahndorf, a German village to have lunch!! Food, glorious food!! We were starving!! We had German sausages and mushroom soup...it was super duper yummy!! *drools*

Lunch at Hahndorf

Our next stop after lunch was Mt. Lofty. K, who has a female alter ego, was craving for cheesecake and so we kind of decided to have cheesecake there but the cafe was closing ever-so-slowly. Haha~ At least we were in time to catch the sunset...I think...and managed to snap a few pictures leaving.

Sunset - is this the beginning or is this the end?

Off we went in search for cheesecake. First K drove to this hotel but guess what?!?! The kitchen was closed! -.-" *sweat* Nevermind. So we went to another place and tadah! There was cheesecake! I ended up having a piece of chocolate mud cake after having seen the HUGE piece of cheesecake. While stuffing ourselves with cake, we discussed about which movie we were going to watch after reaching back and all of us decided on A Walk to Remember!!!!!!! <3 A Walk to Remember is my favourite movie after Titanic...I can watch a hundred times and never get tired of it...Friends who know me know I totally dig anything romantic =D After watching that movie, I can't help but to imagine myself being in Jamie's (the female main character) shoes. How does it feel like having someone you love so much but you can't be together with them forever? Back to the topic. I think that's about it...after watching that movie, I came back to my room, chatted with friends from Malaysia, catching up with each other's lives again.

p/s: I know I'm long-winded but I don't know why I tend to be very detailed in telling stuff so please bear with me.

p/p/s: I can't seem to find a journal I like to start on...Journals here are either ugly or expensive =S I miss writing a journal. Actually planned to start a new chapter of my journal this year when I came cause I thought I'd be on a new journey, meeting new and different people, and doing different things but it's already July and I haven't even started...*sigh* Maybe if I eventually find a journal, I'll abandon this blog XP

Monday, July 09, 2007

Holidays & Memories

It's already the 3rd week of my holidays since I finished my exams right before my other friends sat for theirs. What have I been doing, alot may ask. To be truthful, I don't think I did much...or maybe I did. I started tidying my room right after exams, then I abandoned it for a few days until I had the mood to tidy up again. Whilst waiting for my friends' exams to be over, I took up the responsibility as a nanny to wake them kids up to study...*laughs* Well, basically all I did was nag, nag and nag. =D

On the 3rd day of my holiday, I caught up with Jennifer, whom I knew since college days. We went walking around Rundle Mall shopping for the stuff I needed to get. Due to some miscommunication, we didn't have lunch together so we decided to have our dinner at Rundle Spices instead. Suddenly I felt like we were back to our college days...we were talking and laughing like how we used to...all we did was eat and catch up with each other's lives. Although we are in Adelaide, we don't see each other much 'cause she lives in the city whereas I live in a suburb. Sometimes I do chat with her a little online but that doesn't compare to having a chat face to face. As usual, we'll update each other about some guy stuff...and we had questions on what true love is and if it really does exist. Our common friend is seldom single...after each breakup, she'll be attached again. I asked her once if she did love her boyfriend and she said yes, but I've always been curious...how do you actually transfer ur "love" from one person to another person so quickly?! So, we kind of ended up having a little debate on what true love actually is...and I guess different people have different views...maybe it's the way they were brought up, or maybe it's what they have experienced...i don't know...maybe...maybe...

Anyway. besides meeting up with old friends, I've been to the State Library to borrow stacks of DVDs to watch. Well, not exactly stacks, but they were enough to keep me occupied when I felt bored. Been having weird mood swings as well. Friends who know me well enough will know that I tend to be more emotional during the holidays because it is the only time when I have so much time in my hands that my mind will start thinking all sorts of stuff...about life, love, friendship etc. I think I've been quite annoying 'cause of my mood swings...so, sorry guys (whoever reads this and knows what I'm talking about)!! =')

Since my friend, A, says that my blog shouts out "get outta here!!" cause my blog is all black and no pictures posted...I shall post up some pics I took before leaving for Australia. Crap...going to be emo again...I need a hug.

My first college prom ever!! - Aug '06

Last SAM gathering - Jan '07
Reminds me of movies and food =P
Jennifer's farewell at the new Swatow Lane (?)

Reminds me of high school and Taekwondo - January '07

Remember this Malay guy at Kapitan?? XD
p/s: hey, sorry guys if I haven't been visiting your blogs or drop comments...I don't know why since I came here, I have so many things to do other than online. Maybe 'cause I'm trying not to use too much of internet...anyhow, I still visit your blogs once in a while...all I can say is I still can't believe that I'm already a university student and is currently studying in a foreign land where I don't have my mom and dad with me...I have to make my own decisions and I am glad they trust me with financial stuff.
So blessed...
So blessed, I can't contain it
So much You've gotta give it away...(One Day - Hillsong)