Thursday, July 12, 2007

"Family" Outing


The day before yesterday, all of us (G, B, E, K and I) woke up early to start on our journey to Cleland Wildlife Park. Our driver, K, said that we'd be leaving at 9am SHARP, but I guess his 9am was "blunt" XD When I went down to the dining hall to have my breakfast, the only person I saw was E, preparing her breakfast. So, I thought, cool! I still have time for breakfast...hehe~ and so we ended up leaving HH at around 9:15am.

Oh no, I can't really remember EVERY single detail now...anyway, I think that day was the day I really knew how the Adelaide street directory works =P Before that I didn't even bother to find out how it works 'cause I don't drive and the people here who know how to drive know their way to their destinations.

It was super duper cold at Cleland!! Good thing I brought along my jacket although I hate the pink hood. Nevermind that, that morning, I was having a dilemma on whether I should bring my jacket because I felt so warm in the morning with the rays of sunshine shining through my window which made me sweat a little already. In the end, I did not wanna take the risk of catching a cold or I brought it! haha~

Cleland wasn't exactly fun but it was fascinating seeing the animals and their behaviours. They were a great bunch to observe and the air there was super fresh despite the "smelliness" of animal dungs at certain spots. *arrggghhhh* While walking along the path to the birds section, we literally had to watch where we were going 'cause there were shit everywhere on the floor! Big pile, small pile, scattered name it, they've got it! >.<

I only knew that kangaroos and wallabies are cousins that day. They look almost alike I couldn't even tell them apart. We had fun feeding them, having their saliva on our hands...haha...K was busy bullying them, putting food on the head of one kangaroo (or was that a wallaby?) so that the other kangaroo would eat from its head. *sigh* animal cruelty =D

E attempted to kiss a kangaroo but I failed to capture a pic of that moment cause the kangaroo was restless and couldn't stop moving. G, B's girlfriend, wanted to see the animals mate cause K said it was interesting to look at...*ROTFL*

Us at Cleland Wildlife Park

After going through 'obstacles' (smelling and avoiding animal dung, nearly got attacked by a 'macho-looking' bird, and got dirt stuck on my shoes), we proceeded to Hahndorf, a German village to have lunch!! Food, glorious food!! We were starving!! We had German sausages and mushroom was super duper yummy!! *drools*

Lunch at Hahndorf

Our next stop after lunch was Mt. Lofty. K, who has a female alter ego, was craving for cheesecake and so we kind of decided to have cheesecake there but the cafe was closing ever-so-slowly. Haha~ At least we were in time to catch the sunset...I think...and managed to snap a few pictures leaving.

Sunset - is this the beginning or is this the end?

Off we went in search for cheesecake. First K drove to this hotel but guess what?!?! The kitchen was closed! -.-" *sweat* Nevermind. So we went to another place and tadah! There was cheesecake! I ended up having a piece of chocolate mud cake after having seen the HUGE piece of cheesecake. While stuffing ourselves with cake, we discussed about which movie we were going to watch after reaching back and all of us decided on A Walk to Remember!!!!!!! <3 A Walk to Remember is my favourite movie after Titanic...I can watch a hundred times and never get tired of it...Friends who know me know I totally dig anything romantic =D After watching that movie, I can't help but to imagine myself being in Jamie's (the female main character) shoes. How does it feel like having someone you love so much but you can't be together with them forever? Back to the topic. I think that's about it...after watching that movie, I came back to my room, chatted with friends from Malaysia, catching up with each other's lives again.

p/s: I know I'm long-winded but I don't know why I tend to be very detailed in telling stuff so please bear with me.

p/p/s: I can't seem to find a journal I like to start on...Journals here are either ugly or expensive =S I miss writing a journal. Actually planned to start a new chapter of my journal this year when I came cause I thought I'd be on a new journey, meeting new and different people, and doing different things but it's already July and I haven't even started...*sigh* Maybe if I eventually find a journal, I'll abandon this blog XP


esther said...

Rmbr we were trying to figure out what was it we said at the same time?? Now i know, "GLORIOUS FOOD"!!! LOL!

genieve said...

in search of cheesecake. gosh, it was a long way. thank God kazu knew the way. hahahaha....

good pics there. im gonna edit mine too!

Lin said...

esther - oh yeah!!!! now i remember! =D

genieve - hehe~ ur blog is already more interesting than mine...=P