Monday, July 09, 2007

Holidays & Memories

It's already the 3rd week of my holidays since I finished my exams right before my other friends sat for theirs. What have I been doing, alot may ask. To be truthful, I don't think I did much...or maybe I did. I started tidying my room right after exams, then I abandoned it for a few days until I had the mood to tidy up again. Whilst waiting for my friends' exams to be over, I took up the responsibility as a nanny to wake them kids up to study...*laughs* Well, basically all I did was nag, nag and nag. =D

On the 3rd day of my holiday, I caught up with Jennifer, whom I knew since college days. We went walking around Rundle Mall shopping for the stuff I needed to get. Due to some miscommunication, we didn't have lunch together so we decided to have our dinner at Rundle Spices instead. Suddenly I felt like we were back to our college days...we were talking and laughing like how we used to...all we did was eat and catch up with each other's lives. Although we are in Adelaide, we don't see each other much 'cause she lives in the city whereas I live in a suburb. Sometimes I do chat with her a little online but that doesn't compare to having a chat face to face. As usual, we'll update each other about some guy stuff...and we had questions on what true love is and if it really does exist. Our common friend is seldom single...after each breakup, she'll be attached again. I asked her once if she did love her boyfriend and she said yes, but I've always been do you actually transfer ur "love" from one person to another person so quickly?! So, we kind of ended up having a little debate on what true love actually is...and I guess different people have different views...maybe it's the way they were brought up, or maybe it's what they have experienced...i don't know...maybe...maybe...

Anyway. besides meeting up with old friends, I've been to the State Library to borrow stacks of DVDs to watch. Well, not exactly stacks, but they were enough to keep me occupied when I felt bored. Been having weird mood swings as well. Friends who know me well enough will know that I tend to be more emotional during the holidays because it is the only time when I have so much time in my hands that my mind will start thinking all sorts of stuff...about life, love, friendship etc. I think I've been quite annoying 'cause of my mood, sorry guys (whoever reads this and knows what I'm talking about)!! =')

Since my friend, A, says that my blog shouts out "get outta here!!" cause my blog is all black and no pictures posted...I shall post up some pics I took before leaving for Australia. Crap...going to be emo again...I need a hug.

My first college prom ever!! - Aug '06

Last SAM gathering - Jan '07
Reminds me of movies and food =P
Jennifer's farewell at the new Swatow Lane (?)

Reminds me of high school and Taekwondo - January '07

Remember this Malay guy at Kapitan?? XD
p/s: hey, sorry guys if I haven't been visiting your blogs or drop comments...I don't know why since I came here, I have so many things to do other than online. Maybe 'cause I'm trying not to use too much of internet...anyhow, I still visit your blogs once in a while...all I can say is I still can't believe that I'm already a university student and is currently studying in a foreign land where I don't have my mom and dad with me...I have to make my own decisions and I am glad they trust me with financial stuff.
So blessed...
So blessed, I can't contain it
So much You've gotta give it away...(One Day - Hillsong)


sze may said...




and yea, indeed, it's been ages since u last updated ur blog, kinda hard to catch up with what's goin on wif ya life... :S

hope to hear from u often-ly yea!!

best regards, and friends forever!!
sze may

Lin Whatever! said...

ahhh....sze may!!!! i'm so so so so so touched that u're the one who's still faithfully visiting my blog...haha~ i actually checked my blog a few times a day 2 see if i have any new comments =P but i feel so bad not commenting on urs =S *sigh* sorry!! X) anyway, i promise i'll visit ur blog more often ok!! muaks!! *hugs*

genieve said...

no more emo.
i'll give u a hug!

sze may said...

hahhahhah dun ave to feel bad la...

i have this daily ritual, where i'll read up a list of ppl's blogs...

cuz after checking my mails, i have no idea what to do online~~!!!... xS


Lin said...

awww~ thanks guys!!! <3