Wednesday, December 31, 2008

And again...

I'm in a dilemma! It's new year's eve...& once again a bunch of people asked me out =S I'm not sure if I should go.

Decisions...decisions. If only I could just toss a coin. Everytime that same bunch of people ask me out, I rejected them many many times. & now I'm thrown into this whirlwind of dilemma again. I should learn to be more decisive when it comes to things like this.

Should I go or not? What will my verdict be? Would I make the wrong decision? Would I enjoy myself?

Will update soon.


Wednesday, December 24, 2008

"Spring" Cleaning

It's that time of the year again when I sneeze non-stop because of the thick layer of dust that covers my entire room!

Last year, my attempt to clear out the mess in my room failed because I was being too sentimental. I ended up keeping most of the stuff. Today, I finally got my butt off the computer chair & tidied my room. Not that my room needed tidying, since my mom tidied it for me before I came home but alot of stuff needed to be disposed of.

Looking through stacks of college lecture notes & exercises, memories flooded my mind again. Those were the days...During that year, I've loved & lost. That year, I realised that I didn't have to be insecure about myself. That year, I learnt that competing against oneself is the most important thing, not with others. That year, I also learnt that some people can be selfish, even though they're your friends. That year, I realised that after that year, we'd all be going our separate ways, pursuing our dreams...which made me feel a little depressed because that year would end in a blink of an eye! That year also opened my eyes to girls who lead lives like Barbie dolls - thick make up, branded handbags, latest gadgets, perfect hair, high heels that match their clothes & "perfect" boyfriends. It was then that I realised I didn't wanna be one of them. Of course, not forgetting that that year was the year I made many great friends! Friends that would last a lifetime...well, mayb not some...but yeah.

I've been struggling with throwing away sentimental "junk" but...BUT guess what?! I finally set my mind to it! Before throwing something away, I'd ask myself, "Would I still be using it in 6 months' time? Would it still be useful a year from now?" & if the answers to those 2 questions are "No", then they ought to be disposed of. I'll post up a picture of the box of junk I've thrown away =P Am very proud of myself though I feel a little "bu she de". =S No use holding on to possessions right?
Can't believe today's already Christmas eve. The eve of Christ's birthday. Time really passes by too quickly. The photos I've been organising since I came home are left unorganised because of some missing photos. *sigh* Though a bunch of ppl have asked me out on Christmas eve, I'm still in a dilemma on whether I should go. Really torn apart. I mean, I don't mind spending time with them but I can't help but feel a little suspicious about their intentions. Then again, I don't have any plans tonight. A friend asked me to attend her church if I have nothing to do. Aiyo...I hate making such decisions! Can I just stay at home, spend time alone with myself & Him, with no one pestering me?! I just want a quiet & peaceful Christmas eve. But then again, I don't want them to think that Christians are always so high-above & arrogant, not wanting to go out with them or something. I'll see how it goes later...

I dunno how I should feel right now. Having driving lesson at 4pm! I'm nervous because I almost forgotten everything learnt! This is bad, really bad!! Help! I forgot the 3 test routes already! I'm so dead, my driving instructor would be nagging again. =(

p/s: the upper part of this post was typed on 22nd of December.


Monday, December 15, 2008

My christmas wish... to pass my driving test!!

Had my 2nd driving lesson today...I did OK I think...still I can't help but feel a lil afraid on the road with all those freaking motorcyclists & buses.

This is what my driving instructor said, "It's not that you don't know how to drive, you're too nervous."

Well, he's so right! Because I freaking had a traumatic experience with the previous driving instructor!! *sigh* I need a psychologist help me overcome my fear of driving. I just hope I remember the 2 test routes he showed me today!

Will update with pictures soon! After I've done something fun! XD


Friday, December 12, 2008


Yippy! I'm a happy happy girl!

As many of my friends already know, my previous driving experience was a really BAD one. I'm not even exaggerating. It was so bad that I'd have nightmares & palpitations the night before my driving lessons. Thanks to my previous driving instructor, I almost sworn off driving. He scolded, nagged, pinched, poked & screamed. I could never have a second of peace with him around. Basically I just did whatever he said without even knowing the basics of driving. After the 3rd/4th lesson (Can't remember, it was 9 months ago) I couldn't take it anymore. I thought I was gonna have a mental breakdown. & with those nightmares, I didn't think they were good for my well-being, so I told my mom that I wanna have my driving instructor changed.

Well, we managed to change but I didn't manage to finish my lessons in time to take the test. Went back to Adelaide with my lessons hanging halfway. When I came back, I totally dreaded driving lessons. I didn't know what to expect.


thank God I survived my 1st driving lesson in 9 months! I still remember how to drive on the road but not going uphill & the parking one. All is good! I'm happy...I guess I'm not so afraid of driving anymore! My new driving instructor is more patient & he lets me ask questions. =)


Monday, December 08, 2008


I finally got myself a trim! =D
I haven't had fringe since high school so I thought I wanted to look a bit different.
Tell me what you think. =)



After 2

So?! Do I look like a school girl?! >.<