Monday, December 08, 2008


I finally got myself a trim! =D
I haven't had fringe since high school so I thought I wanted to look a bit different.
Tell me what you think. =)



After 2

So?! Do I look like a school girl?! >.<



Harry MacDowel said...

hey hey why u 'hey' me in fb?

ur hair looks good but ur face looks tired and sunburnt.

Anonymous said...

Awesome! But how cone your pics with your new hairstyle remind me of xiaxue leh har?? =S


Mockingbird said...

Neat :)

Lin said...

harry: lol..wanted to talk 2 u ma bt i guess u were busy =)
LOL i've always been dark. & about the tiredness, it could b my complexion. my mom says i have a bad complexion =S

gf: huh?! really?! =.= is that a good/bad thing?

mockingbird: thanks! i have yet to get used to it. LOL

raptor_ravenlord said...

did something change between the 'before' n 'after' pics?? cuz to my tiny eyes there doesnt seem to b any detectable difference.... o.O

mebbe my eyes ARE too small...

Lin said...

of course there is!
for 1, the back hair is shorter by an inch, & I finally have a fringe!
I don't think it's the size of ur eyes, it's ur eyesight! >.<

Jen Min said...

I don't remember you having a fringe in high school!

you look cute as always :D

Lin said...

yeah, i never had a fringe =P this is a change for me. awww, thank u! =D