Friday, December 12, 2008


Yippy! I'm a happy happy girl!

As many of my friends already know, my previous driving experience was a really BAD one. I'm not even exaggerating. It was so bad that I'd have nightmares & palpitations the night before my driving lessons. Thanks to my previous driving instructor, I almost sworn off driving. He scolded, nagged, pinched, poked & screamed. I could never have a second of peace with him around. Basically I just did whatever he said without even knowing the basics of driving. After the 3rd/4th lesson (Can't remember, it was 9 months ago) I couldn't take it anymore. I thought I was gonna have a mental breakdown. & with those nightmares, I didn't think they were good for my well-being, so I told my mom that I wanna have my driving instructor changed.

Well, we managed to change but I didn't manage to finish my lessons in time to take the test. Went back to Adelaide with my lessons hanging halfway. When I came back, I totally dreaded driving lessons. I didn't know what to expect.


thank God I survived my 1st driving lesson in 9 months! I still remember how to drive on the road but not going uphill & the parking one. All is good! I'm happy...I guess I'm not so afraid of driving anymore! My new driving instructor is more patient & he lets me ask questions. =)



Anonymous said...

I know it may not be funny to you, but.. HAHAHAHAH poked! He siao wan lah.. :\


Harry MacDowel said...

ur first driving instructor is totally crazy...i mean, really sth off lar

i still remember my driving instructor...he sleeps beside me while i m having lessons wif him lei...really wtf...

and afterwards he totally sleep on the chair where all the instructors chit-chat while i have the whole car by myself...i beh tahan and the next lesson i juz bring a book to read coz when doing the hill part, u need to wait like a long long time.

wat a wtf driving lesson for me lol.

Lin said...

gf: i know, u were laughing at my facebook pokes when u saw them. LOL

harry: huh?! serious?! alamak! >.< i was seriously considering earning LOTS of money to hire a chauffeur in the future! LOL