Monday, March 28, 2005

Faith !!

juz came back from i feel so guilty for waking up late than usual and arriving at church late! anyway, i learnt alot today.... time to elaborate on my tons of homework that is still waiting to be done...cause i've gotta go for physics tuition at 4pm until 6:30pm and THEN going to a wedding tonight...kinda hate weddings....the time stated in the wedding invitation is usually a 'LIE'..they always keep u waiting and waiting and waiting until u get annoyed THEN the wedding dinner starts and the MC will keep irritating u until the food comes...sheesh!!

so...gotta do my homework now...

Sunday, March 27, 2005


i'm back...still alive and kicking...haha~ juz when u thought it couldn't get any worse...Black B asked us to run 2 rounds around our school seemed like my heart was gonna jump out from my mouth!! but...i'm thankful i'm still alive and typing this entry =D Black B was still as fierce and stern as ever...but Black B looked cute from the side...juz like a lil kid...really cute!!

oh....and the sat. before school hol, my friend and i decided to pull a prank on our friend, KT by keying in her crush's name and one of our instructor's h/p no. in her she thought that no. was my friend's (because she saw her keying it in) so she sms-ed 'her' to ask if she's going to that taekwondo training camp cause i'm not going...and then 'my friend' replied " u wanna date me ah? " haha~ and it was Black B who used THE instructor's phone to reply KT...haha...we were laughing our heads off!!

currently listening to 'vacation by simple plan' ~

Saturday, March 26, 2005


ok, well, i juz went and checked out raptor's untitled blog...and his recommendation was to check out See Tatt's (i think so) blog...he added something about someone writing 'deep' english and 99% about nonsense...hmmm...i was it that someone me? i'm very sensitive these days...but it might be...since i'm writing practically nothing's MY blog...and only 2 person knows my it's ok to crap la...after all it's my own 'private' place to write anything i want...

i suddenly remembered...we (PCGHS F5 students of 2005) can write in anything (essays, poems, calligraphy etc.) to be published in the graduation mag...and i was thinking of writing a poem...but what topic should i write on?? HATE ?? hahaha~ hope i can think of a suitable topic soon would be so cool to have my poem published...

currently listening to 'Fly On The Wings Of Love' by XTM~

GOT to be physically and mentally prepared!!

great...tomorrow's saturday and guess what? that means i'm gonna see Black B...and THAT person's gonna 'torture' us with those toturous warm-ups...

so...i've decided to 'warm-up' tonight to prepare for tomorrow! haha~ juz got to be physically and mentally prepared, or else... XP

oh, and my class is gonna present a sketch for the 'xie4 shi1 yan4' and the song is called 'I'll say a little prayer' which is the soundtrack of my best friend's we kinda got auditioned in class today to see if we're singing for the high/medium/low pitch...

and i changed the lyrics to that song, ENJOY!

Say A Little Curse For You by ME ! *wink*
[chorus] :
Forever, and ever,
you'll stay in my BUTT (couldn't find a word that rhymes with 'heart'),
and I'll HATE you
Forever, and ever,
we never will part,
oh I HATE you
LET'S BREAK UP, forever,
that's how it should be
Living without you
Would only mean HEAVEN for me...

haha~ it's dedicated to no one in particular...i got bored during the discussion of our class presentation...

ARRGHHH..i nearly forgot!! i'm starting to have that XINCH-SYNDROME!! yesterday during modern maths lesson...i was drinking and the next thing i know...there was a big pool of water on top of my friend's maths paper and of course table too (and mine too =P)

Thursday, March 24, 2005


well, today my friend told me that maybe Black B's trying to avoid me!! oh my God!!
she thinks so! how ah?! i don't wanna be avoided...=(
pls tell me it isn't happening!!!!

currently listening to 'Since U Been Gone by Kelly Clarkson'~ so meaningful....

Wednesday, March 23, 2005


ok, i juz came back from school n am munching on a pear rite now...finished looking at the pictures posted in msn group by taekwondo members...*sigh* they look like they REALLY had loads of fun...kinda regret i didn't go to that training camp...=( anyway, it's no point crying over spilt milk rite?

p/s: i'm still not over Black B, but the good news is...i'm not that obsessed with Black B anymore =D isn't it good news? *applause* lol...

Tuesday, March 22, 2005


well, today my friend told me EVERYTHING about the taekwondo training camp she went on last friday...the camp sounded like heaps of fun...everybody being friendly and all....even THAT person was soooo different from the way THAT person was during training...hmm...instead of calling THAT person THAT person, how 'bout giving THAT person a nick? like....Black B?
ok, now my friend told me Black B was all lovey dovey with Miss T until she got a lil jealous too! can u believe it?! my friend who 1st thought that Black B wasn't good-looking and all, is jealous too!? haha~ i can hardly believe it...

anyway, i was wondering if my other friend and i went to the training camp, would Black B be the way he was? well, cause the training camp was meant for the tournament team in the first place...and if we went, we'd be the only 2 who aren't in the tournament we're like outcasts...i wonder...but maybe it was fate we didn't go...hmmm...still i wonder....

so, enough of my pathetic latest favourite love song is :

[Mysterious Girl by Peter Andre]
~ so romantic i could juz melt!!

I stop and stare at you
Walking on the shore
I try to concentrate
my mind wants to explore

The tropical scent of you
Takes me up above
And girl when I look at you
Oh I fall in love
No doubt you look so fine
Girl I wanna make you mine
I want to be with a woman just like you
No doubt I'm the only man
Who can love you like I can
So just let me be with the woman that I love
Baby girl... Shine like a looking glass
Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh
Mysterious girl
I wanna get close to you
Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh
Mysterious girl
Move your body close to mine
Girl you are me heart's desire
and you alone a set me soul on fire
Me tell dem
Girl you are me heart desire
and you alone... watch dis
Watching the sun go down
The tide is drifting in
We can get closer now
and feel the warmth within
Cos I'm looking in your eyes
Feeling so alive
and Girl when you touch me
It's time to take it through the night
Girl I wanna be with you
I wanna spend the night with you
I need to be with the woman that I love
Girl I wanna do to you
All the things you want me to
I need to be with the woman that I love
Baby girl...let your loving release
Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh
Mysterious girl
I wanna get close to you(so close to you my baby)
Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh
Mysterious girl
Move your body close to mine
Well I've been sitting by the phone hoping you'd call
When time me hear your voice I feel ten feet tall
Body weh you have a make de man dem a bawl
Man a tripover man when time your name call
Your pretty looks surround me like a flowers a bloom
And I love the smell of your Elizabeth Taylor perfume
Your personality alone light up de room
Just one kiss alone a make me heart go boom
Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh
Mysterious girl
I wanna get close to you(c'mon now, c'mon now)
Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh
Mysterious girl
Move your body close to mine

Monday, March 21, 2005


reading back my previous entry, it seemed like i've been dumped or something, but no... it was juz something really stupid...
i've got school tomorrow!! (no, i'm not excited!!) *BLEK*
no more sleeping till 9/ more lazing around at home, no more watching TV endlessly etc. =(
i made a list of to-do's this hol :
  1. finish reading the novel my friend lent me
  2. finish my homework before wednesday
  3. study a lil chem
  4. read some stories from Julia's sunday and the only thing i've accomplished is 1 on the list. i haven't even finished my homework!! ='( there's half an essay left (can u believe it?! half!! i was too sleepy last night to finish the rest) and not only that...there's this stupid 'peka' i haven't touched yet...y? because our teacher asked us to plant some taugeh and mark the roots...bla bla bla...the taugeh's i planted are half dead adee...see how 'successful' i am?

i'm starving adee...juz came back from my 2.5 hours of physics tuition, and the room was freezing cold...that's not something important anyway, so signing off!


ARRRRGHHHHH!! now i'm screaming because this stupid blog ATE up my entry!!
ARRRRGHHHHH!! and this is because i hate 'being attached' to someone then having to get over THAT person...i hate SUXXXX!!!
i don't care about my grammar mistakes and all...i juz wanna let all my feelings out RIGHT NOW!!

p/s : since no one knows i've started a's ok though, but in case someone i know reads this, no, i'm not copying TST's template...i'm so devastated i've decided to put my whole blog black in colour.