Friday, June 01, 2007

*speechless* = |

I can't believe it!!!

In just 2 days, I missed the bus thrice!!


In a week, I've missed the bus 4 times...

In fact, my week is not even over yet...I wonder if there'll b anymore bus-missing =.=

Well, what happened was this:
My friend came into my room last night, and I was sitting at my desk, chatting with ppl on msn...she came and stood right next to my air cond./heater...since it was really cold these few nights, I turned on the heater. So, she found it quite hot standing next to it and turned it to cold the time we finished talking and stuff, it was already 3:30am AND I had to wake up at 7:30am...usually if I sleep late, I would be able to wake up the next morning (the same day) to go to class...BUT the twist is...I forgot to turn the heater I felt sooo cold this morning even though I was under my blanket!! My friend called my room to wake me up, instead of turning on the lights and logging onto the internet to check the weather, I went straight back to bed cause I just wanted to be under the blanket....

moments later....*knock knock knock*

I opened the door and to my horror, my friend was standing there, all dressed up!! o.O
"Do you know what time is it now?! It's 9am already!!"
Obviously, even I start changing and stuff, I would be late for my 9 o'clock I decided to skip the lecture and attend the tutorial after that which is at 10am. After sleeping for 10 mins, I woke up, got dressed, skipped breakfast and grabbed a brunch bar to be eaten on the way...and I thought everything would turn out fine...before I could reach the bus stop, I saw the bus passed by right in front of my eyes!!! O.O And I thought to myself "shit! don't tell me I missed the bus again!!" So I continued my walk to the bus stop anyway, hoping that the bus I saw was actually the earlier bus which was late. I waited and waited and waited in the cold at the bus stop...for 20 mins! No bus in sight...So I guess I'm gonna skip my tutorial as well...I didn't wanna walk in the cold, especially after I skipped my breakfast...I think there would be a high possibility that I would just faint by the roadside...yeah, you've guessed it, I crossed the street and walked back to my hostel and here I am, typing this *sweat* post! -.-"'

ok, maybe I shall get back to snuggling in my blanket until 11 something....hopefully I won't miss the 12:30pm bus! =P

Have a great day, guys!! miss ya loads! <3