Friday, June 30, 2006


i've always had mixed feelings when it comes to holidays...

the one reason i love holidays so much is because during holidays, my memories of everything is erased from my school, friends (unless they ask me out and i see them during the holidays...otherwise...) etc.

holidays is the time when i figure things out...the time when i forget stuff i don't wanna remember...

another time when i forget stuff is when i go for a holiday in another country!! i totally love that feeling...i'd forget every single detail that happened in my's like having a new identity...and i need to make my own memories...

oh well, i hope anyone who is reading this knows what i'm talking about...haha...

HAHA~ my friend blamed ming dao when i told her i didn't like that guy in college anymore...=D

Wednesday, June 21, 2006


i think i totally screwed my chem paper!! ='(

y? because i didn't have enough time to finish it...


Monday, June 19, 2006


u guys gotta watch these 2 video clips!!

have to watch the 1st, then only the 2nd ok?! =D

*screams* hehe...time to go...maths!! =S

Saturday, June 17, 2006


i'm slacking from my studying adee...i got so sick of chem...after finishing studying chem, i totally slacked...juz started on bio...*sigh* bro's coming home from moscow this monday!! woohoo~ i can kacau him every day adee...hehe...and now i have a hiking partner!! =D

oops~ back to reality...i've got loads to study...but on the bright is more interesting...=P

oh...and may...i'm seriously addicted to "when it all falls apart" by The Veronicas!!

Friday, June 16, 2006

group studying? i went to the college library to study...well, we DID study...then while having our break, we talk and laugh! honestly i haven't been laughing since i last went out with my GF...on sunday...really! at home i always felt sleepy...and i felt extraordinarily energetic!

i've finished studying chem...i hope i can answer any question that comes my way...started on bio already...IT and maths...2 more subjects to go! =.= i can't wait for my exams to be over!! i've got loads of going hiking and jogging with my friends!! i need some fresh air and exercise!! i think my thighs are getting bigger and joke! i can't stand my thighs =D

a few nights ago...i dreamt that i went shopping for bikini! =S my goodness...what kinda dream is it?! is it a sign!? what does it mean?? hmmm...i even dreamt that i cut my hair twice!! everyone knows how much i love my hair...that's y i can't get myself to cut it...and i cut it! in my dream! o.O

ok ok...may...see? my entry becomes crappy when i blog without gathering my thoughts =P

Thursday, June 15, 2006

i'm so blessed...

laughing at...God-knows-what...[i love candid shots though!]

sue and i...(i know, i love my hair too much to cut it, that's y...)

...with great friends who think of me even though we should be studying our butts off this study break =)

everytime i feel tired/frustrated/sleepy when studying, i'll receive forwarded sms's from friends...either jokes to wake me up or words of encouragement to motivate me...awww....

juz 2 days ago, i was gonna doze off at my study table when i got an sms from a friend [may, it's u!!] asking me not to day dream and to concentrate on my studying...=P

today i got a notification e-mail from friendster telling me i've got a new testimonial yet to be approved...yup! it's my friend...she sent me a testi wishing me good luck in our mid-year exam!

tell me now, what did i do to deserve such great friends?! <3>
p/s: what the heck am i doing here?!!? i should get my ass to my room and study! =D

shitty or not shitty...that's the question =))

yesterday was simply F****D up...

haha...that's the only word that can describe yesterday...

the more i listened to sad love songs...the heavier it rained yesterday...

and i was waiting for the rain to stop a lil so that i could go take a bath without being freezed to death in the shower...but i came to blog...and when i was about to click on "Publish Post", the electricity went off! isn't that great?!'s really sunny...i'm juz blogging while waiting for my food to digest so that i can go bathe soon..=D

p/s: i juz LOVE ming dao!! <3 he juz makes my day no matter how shitty my day is =P

Tuesday, June 13, 2006


i know...i should be studying...

anyway, i came across this music video that plays the song from a drama series...and...i found out that the ending of the drama series (the prince who turns into a frog) is not exactly a good one!

i sooo wanna cry...*sob*

Sunday, June 11, 2006

王子变青蛙 u can see from the title...haha...that's the title of the drama series i'm currently watching on astro AEC every night 9-10pm...i'm soooo in love with it...although it's not the BEST Drama series ever...

i simply love the leading male actor...he's soooo drop-dead gorgeous (to me la...)!!! everytime i see him on my TV heart skips a beat out of time! whoa! and i'll go all breathless~ =P

anyway, i won't be blogging for this coming 2 week's my study break...and the week after is my exam i really really got to stop myself from fantasizing about the said actor....明道

i haven't been crazy over an actor for such a long long time...*faints* LOL =D

p/s: oh, and may, thanks for d/ling that song for me!!!! i love it so so much!! muakz!! <3

Thursday, June 01, 2006

F*****G cockroach!!!

yesterday night...i was lying on my bed reading Malaysian Studies notes...with my head against the wall...suddenly i felt a heavy bug fall on my head, so i simply swept it away...thinking it was a beetle or whatever that doesn't scare me...upon curiosity, i got up to check it GOODNESS!! AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH~ it was a F*****G COCKROACH!! SHIT! i quickly got the Ridsect and sprayed at it...when it fell on its back, i thought to myself that this is a great opportunity to kill it by spraying loads and loads of Ridsect on it...make it suffocate! whole room smelt of Ridsect, so i turned on my rotating fan to blow away the the meantime, i took my notes to the living room to study...and sms-ed C...while sms-ing halfway, i went back to my room to check out that FILTHY roach...SHIT! it wasn't there!! O.O i nearly wanted to sleep in the living room! i cannot sleep, imagining that filthy thing still lurking around in my room!! =S i didn't want it to crawl all over me!!

so i sprayed my entire room again, hoping to suffocate it juz in case it's still loitering in my room...haha...and so to avoid the smell, i continued sms-ing C...until he said he wanted to go to bed...and i was yawning was 1:25am when we bid each other goodbye...i was too tired to bother about the roach by then...i checked under my pillow and bolsters...not there...ok...good! and i immediately fell asleep without any difficulty...i slept so soundly that i couldn't hear my handphone ringing when my friend sent me an sms at 5am in the morning! whoa!!

p/s: i think i'd better overcome the fear for cockroaches...what if my future husband's afraid of it too?! LOL~ then both of us are doomed! =D well, at least if i've overcome my fear...i can protect my husband if he's afraid of it =P haha...lucky him huh?