Thursday, June 15, 2006

i'm so blessed...

laughing at...God-knows-what...[i love candid shots though!]

sue and i...(i know, i love my hair too much to cut it, that's y...)

...with great friends who think of me even though we should be studying our butts off this study break =)

everytime i feel tired/frustrated/sleepy when studying, i'll receive forwarded sms's from friends...either jokes to wake me up or words of encouragement to motivate me...awww....

juz 2 days ago, i was gonna doze off at my study table when i got an sms from a friend [may, it's u!!] asking me not to day dream and to concentrate on my studying...=P

today i got a notification e-mail from friendster telling me i've got a new testimonial yet to be approved...yup! it's my friend...she sent me a testi wishing me good luck in our mid-year exam!

tell me now, what did i do to deserve such great friends?! <3>
p/s: what the heck am i doing here?!!? i should get my ass to my room and study! =D


pink positive!! said...

hahah..i tot u r NOT suppose to blog during ur study break?....ekekek...

anyway....i'm glad my sms cheered u up... haha..i was bored at that moment anyway.... :p

feel free to sms me whenever u feel sleepy...i'll try my best to keep u awake`~!..:p

all the best in ur exam ya~!...gambade!!

Mickell said...

Thank God for the wonderful friends you have :)