Sunday, June 19, 2005

IS HE INTO U? quiz

So, is he into you????

He's Crushing. Maybe
This guy holds all his feelings deep inside and doesn't give any hints. Of course, he might be too into his buds to care about crushes right now. But, there's a chance he's really into you and is just too shy to actually act on his romantic impulses. If you want to find out for sure, try to draw him out of his shell and get a conversation going. You'll probably have to be bold and not only make the first move but lots of them to find out how he feels!

************************************************************************************ shouldn't be here actually...oh well...

Friday, June 17, 2005 world's crashing down no more...'s simple because :

  1. alot of my friends are supporting me (maybe not alot la...a few lo...but a few is already enough *wink*)
  2. i'm quite anxious to know if i'll survive there =P
  3. it'll be after a long way to go

yesterday when i went to my BM tuition, i totally forgotten everything about the NS friend from CGL asked me if i got chosen...and i was like 'huh? chosen for?.....oh!! yeah, i got chosen' and she thought i was lying to her cause i answered her with a happy face...=D weird huh?

p/s : no need sad songs d...keke~

Thursday, June 16, 2005

my world's CRASHING down

y?? not because my crush is ignoring...not because i failed my test papers...not because i'm weird...not because i can't see jon jonsson...not because i'm gonna sit for SPM....etc...

can guess?? i'll reward that person RM1mil if that person can guess y my world's crashing down.

*SIGGGGHHH* i'm chosen for NS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i don't wanna go even in a million years!!! tell me, how can i run away from it? ='( i've already planned what to do after the SPM : learn to drive, learn to play the guitar, probably got to NZ to visit my cousin, hang out, laze around etc.
this sux!!! i don't think i'll stand those tough physical trainings...i think i'll juz die there...i can't even stand the training during taekwondo!


Seether feat. Amy Lee - Broken

'Cause I'm broken when I'm open
And I don't feel like I am strong enough
'Cause I'm broken when I'm lonesome
And I don't feel right when you're gone away
(i know the lyrics has got nothing to do with NS...but i'm really broken) ='(

Natalie - Going Crazy

I gotta let you know I feel so weak without your touch
I never thought that I could ever love a man so much
I gotta let you know I think that we are destiny
For you I'd cross the world, for you I'd do anything

*sigh* anyone? pls...introduce me some sad songs....i need to indulge myself with depressing songs right now...*wink*

Wednesday, June 15, 2005 means crush too rite?

Infatuation is simply being stuck on someone and it can be a powerful life changing experience, some people move from relationship to relationship and never get out of being in this stage.
If you think you may be that kind of person, here is a list of sings that will tell you if you are infatuated.
1. You feel a passionate desire to be with the person you are infatuated with.
2. You experience the High and Low syndrome, mood swings depending on how the person you are infatuated with responses.
3. You find yourself daydreaming about that person.
4. You feel a hungry feeling when you are away from that person.
5. You feel incomplete and lonely when that person is far away.
6. You need constant reassurance from that person
7. Your life becomes focused on that person and you change your life to accommodate him or her.
8. You live in constant fear of rejection or abandonment.
9. You feel a deep need for your feelings to be returned by that person

haha~ i know ppl who usually read my blog (not that anyone would read it anyway) will find that my blog contains nothing but guys and crushes and how i waste my time =P life is not all about that...juz that those are more physical...i don't put anything too important case any of my family members come across it...

back to the infatuation thingy...i think i am infatuated with someone...but incomplete? no way! haha....

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

*INHALES* brand new life

yeah right *eyes rolling*....=D

i juz got back my comp which is great!!! now i can do what i usually do =P
but there's something bothering me...i'm sensing my crush of nearly 5 years is avoiding me...maybe u can say i'm sensitive...but he's really 'ignoring' me ='( ok...maybe he isn't? obviously, i'm juz trying to console myself...
ok...since THAT crush is not bothering've got myself a new one!! he's none other than manhunt's winner - Jon Jonsson!!! he is sooooo cute!! i'm obsessed with him...i tried to collect everything that has his face on it...but unfortunately when i went to 7-11 opposite my school with my friend to check jon out, that STUPID malay guy kept scolding/asking us not to read 'no reading huh? wei, miss, no reading!' i gave up jon jonsson...i didn't buy that galaxie magz from, it costs RM3 and i wasn't too eager to spend my money on a magz i don't usually buy and for a stupid guy like that! *BLEK* i wasn't even reading! i was trying to see how many jon's faces are in there...and was considering if i was gonna buy it...

p/s : this is really short...i'm suddenly so not used to

Saturday, June 11, 2005

You Were Meant For Me


i'm back!!! happy? well, i doubt anyone's happy, since i'm a trouble maker =P
ok, why haven't i updated my blog? cause my ram was down, and my comp was sent for it's been a month now...kinda miss hanging online, downloading and listening to songs...and check out ppl's blogs...really miss u guys!!! (those i usually chat with online)
in case u're wondering 'what's with the title?''s the song i'm listening to right now. it's sung by jewel and then bellefire sang it's a really nice song...i love it!!
hmmm...what have i done lately...let's see...i'm lazing around in front of the TV whole day (since my comp's not home =( ) and i've done 3 quarter of my homework...which is actually not goal is to finish ALL my homework within the 1st week of holidays so that i can start studying during the 2nd's already i have like one and a half days left...wish me luck! =D

ok, today's Friday (last fri of my hol d) *sulks* and guess what? i haven't completely finished my homework as planned....didn't even study one bit and....made a hole in the sofa (lol...juz exaggerating...cause i sit on the couch whole day watching TV/channel surfing) but good news is...i played piano!! and right now i'm so determined to pass my grade 6 practical next year AND pick up guitar lessons cause i always have this picture of me playing an electric guitar with a band on stage in my mind (=D) well, u (especially TST would be laughing at me right now, i know it!) BUT i'm sure that could happen....keke~ hope so...

this entry is gonna be damn long since i haven't been blogging for more than a month now! i've been doing alot of thinking...about my future...i know it may be too early/late...i don't quite like to study so i have myself a few options on what to do IN CASE i juz simply give up studying..of course my MAIN goal is to be a major dream! IF i don't get to be a psychologist, i'll try to be an air hostess for at least 2 years (i know i'm short, but my height is the i'm layak! )*blek* if not, maybe i would build a modelling empire for short models...haha...sounds funny huh? cause i'm short that's y...ppl always have this conception in their heads that models should be tall and slim...y not short and slim? *wink* and...i would really hope to try out different kinds of job before i really settle down for a stable one (psychologist)...ok, enough of what i thought...proceed to the next paragraph for my FIRST trip to RedBox =S

to be frank, there were 4 girls that day including me and ermm....dunno-how-many boys (too dark to see and lazy to bother anyway), anyway, one of them is my friend's bf....i wasn't quite sure if i wanted to go cause usually i prefer going out with ppl i know so i was a lil reluctant...but i went anyway...actually i'm still not quite sure y i went since i'm don't feel comfortable singing in front of so many ppl and ppl i don't know...maybe i thought i could overcome that fear...ok, so they picked mostly chinese songs and only a few malay and eng songs...let's say i didn't sing la for that 3 hours...i know...u'll be thinking 'what a waste of money!' right? well, i didn't pay =P my friend's bf paid for us...he refused to accept our case u're wondering 'how old is that guy?!' , he's the same age as i am, 17. (OMG! my first fullstop!!lol....) oh, and did i mention i hated that room we were in? it was full of ciggar smoke smell...ARRGHHH...i swear if next time i were to go redbox again, it would be everyone i wasn't as fun as i expected it to be...*rolls eyes*

i've got loads to say...but, i've gotta, stay tune for my latest entry! of my options is to be a VJ *grins*