Wednesday, June 15, 2005 means crush too rite?

Infatuation is simply being stuck on someone and it can be a powerful life changing experience, some people move from relationship to relationship and never get out of being in this stage.
If you think you may be that kind of person, here is a list of sings that will tell you if you are infatuated.
1. You feel a passionate desire to be with the person you are infatuated with.
2. You experience the High and Low syndrome, mood swings depending on how the person you are infatuated with responses.
3. You find yourself daydreaming about that person.
4. You feel a hungry feeling when you are away from that person.
5. You feel incomplete and lonely when that person is far away.
6. You need constant reassurance from that person
7. Your life becomes focused on that person and you change your life to accommodate him or her.
8. You live in constant fear of rejection or abandonment.
9. You feel a deep need for your feelings to be returned by that person

haha~ i know ppl who usually read my blog (not that anyone would read it anyway) will find that my blog contains nothing but guys and crushes and how i waste my time =P life is not all about that...juz that those are more physical...i don't put anything too important case any of my family members come across it...

back to the infatuation thingy...i think i am infatuated with someone...but incomplete? no way! haha....

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