Tuesday, June 14, 2005

*INHALES* brand new life

yeah right *eyes rolling*....=D

i juz got back my comp which is great!!! now i can do what i usually do =P
but there's something bothering me...i'm sensing my crush of nearly 5 years is avoiding me...maybe u can say i'm sensitive...but he's really 'ignoring' me ='( ok...maybe he isn't? obviously, i'm juz trying to console myself...
ok...since THAT crush is not bothering me...lol...i've got myself a new one!! he's none other than manhunt's winner - Jon Jonsson!!! he is sooooo cute!! i'm obsessed with him...i tried to collect everything that has his face on it...but unfortunately when i went to 7-11 opposite my school with my friend to check jon out, that STUPID malay guy kept scolding/asking us not to read 'no reading huh? wei, miss, no reading!' GRRRR...so i gave up jon jonsson...i didn't buy that galaxie magz from there...lol....besides, it costs RM3 and i wasn't too eager to spend my money on a magz i don't usually buy and for a stupid guy like that! *BLEK* i wasn't even reading! i was trying to see how many jon's faces are in there...and was considering if i was gonna buy it...

p/s : this is really short...i'm suddenly so not used to blogging...lol....=P

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