Thursday, January 04, 2007

I let him go...

haha~ stuff about relationship might juz pop up on some of ur minds...but it ain't about relationship stuff...

on the first day of 2007, i was to meet my friends at 11:30am at gurney plaza for lunch but i overslept so i decided to meet them at 2 something after their movie, which i've already watched a few days earlier.

so, after having my lunch at home, i went to meet up with my friends at a bird's nest shop, where another friend of mine, J, is working.

we went to manila's place to have "lunch" as they haven't had theirs...well, i ordered a choc milkshake and that's it...i juz had some food picked out from my friends' plates =P and i don't know y i was super hyper that day...kept acting crazy...even made the workers at manila's place laugh =S oops~ there was once when a waitress came with a tray with 2 cups of drinks, and one of them had a coffee colour and silly me went " that mine?!" and the waitress went "nooo..." with a smile on her face...the scene was quite funny at that time...i guess i'm juz not prepared to grow up! i love being crazy =D

*fast forward*

my friend, Pras, and i were walking another friend of ours to the carpark cause she had a curfew that there we were, going up the escalator when i turned around to look at the crowd below, like i always do, and there he was, clad in a white t-shirt and jeans with a black belt and shades clipped onto the front of his shirt. he was holding his jacket over his shoulder...somehow there was something that attracted my attention...the woman beside him whom he was talking to was pretty well-dressed too, there was juz something about them that made me stared even longer, cause they did not look like any ordinary ppl. i stared at him for so long my eyes were gonna pop out of their, he looked up and ME!!! only then i realised that he's a hong kong actor!! my goodness...couldn't believe my eyes...i was too stunned to smile back...when i finally gather my composure, i turned to Pras and exclaimed "oh my God...that's...that's a hong kong actor!!" and she was like "what?! really?! what's his name?" i didn't even realise she was staring at him too!! o.O can't believe he actually caught our eye(s)...we were so mesmerised by his charm! <3 too bad i didn't go after him...cause if i did, i would definitely take a pic with him...well, i didn't cause i didn't wanna dump my friends =S

but now i kinda regret a lil...cause he's so cute...and i could've taken a pic with a cute guy on the 1st day of 2007!!

by the way, i only got to know the name of that actor today, his name is michael tong man lung aka tang2 wen2 long2...

go visit his site at