Friday, March 31, 2006


i'm not sure y i put that as my title...BUT one thing for sure is i'm very happy!! i don't know y...hmmm...maybe because my 'aunty' went home d...or it could be because Peace is starting to act normal around me...

oh! and the most important thing is...i've already started working on my bio i don't have to rush at the last min! =)

i'm outta words to say...listening to 'Autumn Goodbye' by Britney Spears...

Sunday, March 26, 2006

great and not-so-great...

*sigh* so much has happened lately...i'll tell one by juz bear with me...

1st, i got to know this singh guy, Peace, from the cancer relay for life thingy...that day he asked me 'is ur dad a thief?' i thought i heard him wrongly, so i went 'huh?' he asked me that again, and i was like 'noooo...??' haha...then he did the funniest thing, he continued 'then who stole the stars and put them into ur eyes?' i BURST OUT LAUGHING! and now the funny thing is, i find his eyes really beautiful! goodness...then after a few weeks, during chem class, Peace's friend asked me from across the classroom if my dad was a thief! i was dumbfounded! i thought Peace told them (his friends) and i found out it was Peace's friend who also went to the cancer relay for life thingy told them! and now that Peace is also studying in the same college as i am, i kept being teased for being Peace's girl...- . -" nvm that la, but i actually thought Peace was avoiding me because when i smiled at him, he didn't give me any cut short, he wasn't...and i'm glad =)

this i mentioned in one of my previos posts d...but i'll still say it anyway, because i'm still quite down...i won't be able to send my bro's best friend off to japan (to further his studies) because i have to hand in this important bio essay on that particular sad la...dunno y...maybe it's because of hormones? can't be...i've been feeling sad i cannot send him off since right before my u-know-what? =D thank God i sms-ed him juz now...he told me he's the one leaving his hometown...haha...yeah, i guess so...i mean...i hope we'll still keep in touch! oh no...everybody's leaving, everytime when i juz got to know them better...or maybe got a lil closer...

i've been listening to sad songs lately, especially jay chou's songs...*SIGH*

i'm sick of guys...elaborate next time...

i think it's MS...ask me if u wanna know...=(

Saturday, March 25, 2006


ok, i'm so lazy to type a long post, so i'll be really goes:

yesterday after watching a movie (I Not Stupid Too) with my friend, we went to Winter Warmers to have my dinner (my friend already had hers before the movie started)...once we have settled down, a waiter came over to i-forgot-what and i was taking out my membership card from my wallet when a strip of unopened plaster went flying to the floor...the waiter was already trying to pick it up for me when i bent down to pick it up and when he saw this, he stood up again AND because i thought he was gonna pick it up for me, i sat straight again...then the most embarrassing thing happened, when he went down on one knee to pick it up for me, i bent down at the same time and i knocked his head with mine! DAMN! i was soooo embarrassed! he said sorry, and i was rubbing (or massaging) my head...i juz shook my head...after that, when he came to take our orders, my goodness, my voice juz wouldn't come out! he couldn't hear me and went 'excuse me?' the reason y he couldn't hear me was i didn't look up! i didn't dare damn embarrassing k?! and guess what? my friend thinks i was cute! my goodness...but i think he's not that good-looking and my friend kinda has the hots for him...haha...he was thoughtful too, my friend didn't order anything to eat (she only ordered a drink) so he brought her a set of fork and knife too! my goodness....i'm not sure if i'll ever step into that restaurant ever again! =S

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

still empty...

well, this is a continuation of the last u can see from the title...

i'm emotional bro's best friend is going to japan soon...and i planned to send him off...but unfortunately i have class on that day...what the??

well, i'm not only emotional because of that...but because it seems to me that everyone's leaving penang!! and i feel like i'm here all alone...nothing compares to the friendships i had in high one in college really understands me...for instance, there's this one time i went out with a guy friend..and surprisingly i enjoyed his company alot!! felt so comfortable around him and all...thinking back on the funny stuff he did makes me laugh out loud, but my friends think i'm in love =.="' it's not like that at all...*sigh* can't a girl be happy? they hardly understand that it doesn't take a 'lover' to make me happy =S i can b happy with anyone i feel comfortable now, i keep my innermost feelings to myself unless i can find someone who won't judge the way i feel so quickly...

still pms i think....i get depressed one min and happy the next...damn...

p/s: may, i feel alot better already compared to the last few days ;) thank u...u too, cheer up!

Sunday, March 19, 2006


is it just the beginning, or is it the end?

i've been feeling quite empty lately...maybe it's juz PMS...

well, and i'm not very happy with my results anymore...i feel like i don't deserve to get such good results...juz lucky...nothing to be proud of...

maybe because i've been stressed out by loads of homework and assignments...*sigh* i should be doing my chem assignments now, but i'm juz too mood...

oh God, i totally hate PMS!

p/s: congrats to TST!! u did great!! don't doubt urself...i don't know yst's results yet, but i bet u did great too ^_*

Wednesday, March 15, 2006


woke up today...everything that had happened yesterday seems so distant...i still can't believe the results i got...whoa!

and 'great', i have college today...and only get to go home at 7pm! *sigh* i'm still in, gotta go have a bath now...ciao!

p/s: sze may, u got me addicted to 'girl next door' too =P

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

on cloud 9!

on cloud 9

hehe...results are out!

well, although my results are not SUPER great...but at least they're better than i have imagined it to be!!!

i got 10A's including 1119!!!

got loads of A2's la...haha...but still A is A right?! =D

this can prove only one thing...that is dreams are the opposite of reality!!! =P and i'm glad....

ok, now i'm pissed...was chatting with a friend on msn...and she told me her results are not that good...and guess how many A's she got? missed one! that means she could've gotten straight A's but she missed one F****** 1!! sheesh! that's great already what!!!

i say mine is not super great cause super great is like straight A's...haha...but mine is only great...yoohoo!!

Sunday, March 12, 2006

first time...

yesterday morning, i overslept for the first time since i've been waking up on my own....

i hit the snooze button several times until i turned it off....the phone rang so i got up and answered mom was on the other end, asking if i was ready...i looked up at the clock, holy shit!! my class starts at 11am and it's already 10.50am i think...i panicked and told my mom i overslept...and so i had my fastest shower EVER! in 10 mins...i skipped breakfast...for the FIRST time (i never skip breakfast)

when i got into the car, my dad made me so mad...well, he asked me a stupid question...

D - dad
M - me

D: y did u oversleep?
M: i turned off my alarm clock...
D: so sleepy meh? (DUH!)
M: tired ma...i hit snooze several times and then i turned it off...
D: must be on the internet till 'late late' la!
M: i turned off the comp at 11pm ok!?

there u go...i hate it when parents make baseless assumptions...if yes, i was on the internet till late at night...i wouldn't feel so mad...but the fact is, i did not! i was simply tired...besides, it's my first time getting up without my mom waking me...i'm not used to it yet, duh! i can't juz get used to it overnight...that's crazy! anyway, i was so mad, i went out for lunch with my friends in college...and didn't say A word to my dad for the whole day...

p/s: note to self - never make baseless assumptions in the future when i have my own's juz plain annoying...

Saturday, March 11, 2006

graduation photo

i look happy in this pic, don't i? i was laughing because my teacher 'pantang' 3 persons being in a photo, so i dragged my friend who's standing on my left to take this pic =P
since i hardly post photos on my blog...i guess it's time...=) but one at a time =P

most awkward moment EVER!

ok, so my college is supporting the cancer society i'm supposed to go around collecting donations...

because i'm a last-min person, i suddenly thought of asking my neighbours for donations, since they live so nearby and i know them...hehe...

i went to the 3rd floor, after asking for donation from one house, i proceeded to my guy friend's house, also on the 3rd floor. i rang the doorbell, but the people inside took forever to open the wooden door... i waited and waited and waited...i nearly gave up when the wooden door suddenly swung open...and out came my friend's elder bro....half naked! *shrieks* followed by his gf (luckily fully dressed!) i was dumbstruck!

M - my friend's bro
m - me

M: looking for my bro is it?
m: (nodded)
M: he's not in
m: would u like to donate (was stammering!!)
M: for...??
m: (showing him the donation card in my hand) this cancer...thingy
M: ok, sure! (and he walked in to get the money)

as for me, i felt so damn awkward!! i stood behind the wall next to his grilled door...

M: y are u hiding over there? there u go...(was about to walk in)
m: no ah...oh, thanks...ermm, can u pls write ur name and sign...thank u!
M: (signing) u can juz write my bro's name la...

but his gf took the card and wrote it for me =P when M was done with the pen, he went 'hey, nice pen...thanks' and was walking in!

u know me la...i'm very 'straight' wan i thought he was seriously gonna take my pen and never gonna return it to me...then his gf was still there some more! i was laughing oh-so-awkwardly and saying 'thanks...but hey! that's my school pen!'

whoa! i quickly thanked him and RAN home once we were done! my goodness! but thinking back on it, i think it was hilarious...if only his gf wasn't there...i wouldn't have acted so weirdly...ARGHH! *smacks forehead*

Wednesday, March 08, 2006


oh no oh no!!!
i'm so excited...not sure if i can sleep tonight!!
my dad's mom's (grandmother) bro juz called...and he's gonna chia us dinner tomorrow...and his (grandmother's bro) grandsons will b there too!! oh my God!! one of his grandson is like SUPER cute k?!
hehehe...i'm so gonna wear contact lenses tomorrow! =P
oh! not forgetting earrings! =D
LOL~ i know i sound shallow...but i don't get to see him often...only on CNY and some special occasions...*sigh*

while i'm still on the topic of him...hehe...during chinese new saw him and i thought i was gonna go breathless! so cute!! and then when we (my parents, grandmother, grandma's bro and his son and daughter-in-law and grandsons & I) sitting at a table talking...and he (the handsome one) sat opposite me! i didn't dare to look at him...haha...hope no one noticed pai seh...

hehe...i can't stop laughing or smiling now...oh no...that's y i say it's nice being single and having little crushes on guys =)

p/s : i'm not really into guys...i'm juz into the thrill of having a crush on a guy...then get sick of it eventually *wink* oh, and the story about us sitting at the table...not finished yet...lazy to type...too happy! =P will talk more about it in the next post...IF i remember

Monday, March 06, 2006


juz woke up a few mins ago...i had the worst nightmare ever!!

i dreamt that i got my spm results already...and i got miserable B's and an F9!! it was horrifying!! i dunno how to describe the was really weird...there weren't 11 subjects too! =S

i mean, how can i possibly get an F in spm...right?! i thought SPM was nothing compared to SAM! *shudders* if i get an F in spm what would i get in SAM then?! i don't even wanna think about it! damn those friends who have been mentioning 13th March to me! i was trying so hard to ignore it!

hope my results turn out otherwise, or else i'll jump from the world's tallest building!! =P i remembered having this dream when i was in std 3...i dreamt that i passed the PTS exam with flying colours and i was gonna skip std 4! turned out i was wrong...hope it's the case for my spm results too....

Sunday, March 05, 2006


took this photo after some drizzling (i think)
i came across 2 rainbows once, too bad they faded right before i could manage to snap them ='(

ok, i've decided to retype the post that got lost yesterday...

i'm not sure if i've mentioned this before...that i dislike having too much time doing nothing because my mind tends to wander...thinking and imagining all sorts of stuff...then i'll get all emotional...stupid huh? pls tell me i'm not abnormal!

then on the other hand, i think i'm suffering from MPD (Multiple Personality Disorder) because i can feel sad/happy/depressed/angry/frustrated etc. one min. after i a psycho?! i even enjoy watching Happy Tree Friends...according to my friends, i'm sentimental, but i really enjoy watching horror and gruesome movies...=S it's not that i got numb watching them...i love to scare myself! then laugh about it...=D

FABULOUS! u know this is definitely gonna be a happy post!!

juz got back from hanging out with my friend in high school (she brought her 13-year-old bro. along)....we watched 2 movies in a was great! the first movie was Heirloom, a horror movie...i think. the second one was Casanova which was hilarious! really had fun laughing the whole entire time in the cinema...=D

heirloom....well, i like the story about the family keeping a child spirit or something....but then i didn't like the way they presented was boring...haha, but my friend was sooo afraid, she watched the whole movie through her fingers =P it was funny...

after those 2 movies, we went for ice cream at Haegan Dazs!! my goodness...i didn't have to pay though =P my friend's mom gave us a friend ordered a Fondue, and we was heavenly!! the whole order looks like a steamboat...haha...instead of raw meats, there were ice cream balls, fresh fruits and cookies around it....and in the middle, there's grounded (?) nuts and chocolate syrup!! YUMMY!! from now on, i wanna fatten myself up!! =))'s great to catch up with old friends...since i've left high school, i keep feeling like hanging out with my girl friends from high school...hehe...i love all-girl nice...girl talk and everything, the company...juz makes my day! ;)

p/s : oh, i forgot to say this! haha....i got to chat with my crush 2 days ago!!! and i found out that he's really neat! oh opposite of me! *blush*

Saturday, March 04, 2006


AAAARRRRGHHHH...this is ******* frustrating!!!

i poured out all my emotions in a post i typed a min. ago...and now it's gone!

so, now i'm overwhelmed with FRUSTRATION...that post...will type it when i feel that way ever again...=(

FIRST time ever in my life...i got a guy friend a birthday gift (a t-shirt BTW), it doesn't fit him!

i know, it's not a big deal actually, but see, i have this habit, if i get a gift for someone, i would really hope that person could actually use/like it! like...the perfect gift! u know...haha...and i would give the person the best!

oh well, i dunno how to put it into words and i feel sleepy u get what i mean...=P

Friday, March 03, 2006


haha...i was thinking about the conversation i had with a guy friend of mine the other day...and so i'm typing this post...

maybe the one for me was beside me all along, but i was too blind to see? or maybe because i still won't let go of my crush, that is y i cannot move on....or maybe my crush IS the one for me, all i have to do is wait for the right time and place...or maybe...*sigh* i dunno...alot of maybes...

and because i'm listening to "Till i get over you" by christina milian, i'm thinking to myself....would i feel the same way that she feels in the song if i'd get over him someday? oh well, i'm rather happy and thankful that i'm not that crazy over my crush anymore...yup, i think this is good for me...and the guys in my college...ARGH...haha...nah, none catches my eye anymore...

my post sounded sad in the beginning, but now, it's a happy post! =D and right now, i'm very focused with my life...haha...but too lazy to least i'm focused right?! =P

so, here's the lyrics to Christina Milian's 'Till I Get Over You'

Woke up today thinking of you
Another night that I made my way through
So many dreams still left in my mind
But they can never come true
I press rewind and remember when
I close my eyes and I'm with you again
But in the end I can still feel the pain, every time I hear your name
The sun won't shine since you went away
Seems like the rain's falling every day
There's just one heart, where there once was two
But that's the way it's gotta be,'till I get over you

{Verse 2}
Walked through the park, in the evening air
I heard a voice and I thought you were there
I run away but I just can't escape
Memories of you everywhere
They say that time will dry the tears
But true love burns for a thousand years
Give my tomorrows for one yesterday
Just to know that I could have you here

When will this river of tears stop fallin'
Where can I run so I won't feel alone
Can't walk away when the pain keeps callin'
I've just gotta take it from here on my own
But it's so hard to let go

p/s: oops, before i go, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TST! (although i doubt u'll see this) although u get on my nerves sometimes....hahaha...glad to have a friend like u =P