Saturday, March 25, 2006


ok, i'm so lazy to type a long post, so i'll be really goes:

yesterday after watching a movie (I Not Stupid Too) with my friend, we went to Winter Warmers to have my dinner (my friend already had hers before the movie started)...once we have settled down, a waiter came over to i-forgot-what and i was taking out my membership card from my wallet when a strip of unopened plaster went flying to the floor...the waiter was already trying to pick it up for me when i bent down to pick it up and when he saw this, he stood up again AND because i thought he was gonna pick it up for me, i sat straight again...then the most embarrassing thing happened, when he went down on one knee to pick it up for me, i bent down at the same time and i knocked his head with mine! DAMN! i was soooo embarrassed! he said sorry, and i was rubbing (or massaging) my head...i juz shook my head...after that, when he came to take our orders, my goodness, my voice juz wouldn't come out! he couldn't hear me and went 'excuse me?' the reason y he couldn't hear me was i didn't look up! i didn't dare damn embarrassing k?! and guess what? my friend thinks i was cute! my goodness...but i think he's not that good-looking and my friend kinda has the hots for him...haha...he was thoughtful too, my friend didn't order anything to eat (she only ordered a drink) so he brought her a set of fork and knife too! my goodness....i'm not sure if i'll ever step into that restaurant ever again! =S

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