Saturday, December 31, 2005

The Hopeless Romantic

i took a love quiz while chatting with my crush halfway...juz got curious...wanted to find out what my love quotient is..

the title says it all...

i'm the hopeless romantic...

"no matter where the rainbow goes, you'll be chasing it, with flowers, candy, and a song in your heart"

well...i think this is the most accurate one so far....*sigh*

Thursday, December 29, 2005

in a mess

honestly...ANYONE who is reading not hesitate to leave me a comment ok?? 'she' in this post needs some advice...

ok, i'll be very frank as i'm not in the mood to type alot (confused with college options)...

it happened when she was 10, a 12-year-old boy, T, confessed his feelings for her...she had feelings for him too at that time, then a year later, he moved to another they kinda wrote letters to each other...he even called her...she STILL had feelings for him until she was 12...she had a huge crush on A until this day (she's 17 this year)...then, this year T came to visit her on the night of christmas eve...over the years when they were apart, he often dropped hints telling her that he still feels the way he did years ago...she juz simply ignored them...afraid to face reality...she juz shrugged them off and often left clues telling him that she treats him as a friend and nothing day when they went for a movie...he gave her a gift...but knowing that by accepting his gift, he might get the wrong message, she insisted that she didn't want the gift, but he said that she'll understand once she accepted the gift...and she didn't even tell him that she didn't feel the same way he did the end...she didn't accept his gift...did she do the right thing?? should she juz ask him what he thinks she's thinking??

anything at all...juz drop by and tell me what u think she should do....and not do...anything!

Tuesday, December 27, 2005


i feel like learning how to dance!! i never liked dancing....maybe because my aunt and my mom used to frighten me with those pinches the ballet instructor would give if u make any minor mistakes...this, i'm not sure as i've never learnt dancing before...

but now, i feel like dancing!! 1st i wanna learn ballet...then maybe...juz MAYBE someday i'll learn ballroom dancing...the only prob is u need to have a partner for ballroom dancing ....

actually...i got my inspiration by watching 'Innocent Steps', a korean movie...yes...u've guessed right!! it's about dancing...i didn't like ballroom dancing either until i saw that actress dance so gracefully...because the ballroom dancing i usually see...the adults dance very roughly and hiao-ly...and they yao2 too vigorously...but!! i fell in love with dancing!!

ahhh...i don't know what to say...but i hope i'll still have time when i start college...

Monday, December 26, 2005

it's christmas....but i don't feel at all extraordinarily happy or fact, i feel a lil disturbed...confused...

i can't decide on which college i'm going to...i think time really flies...i still can't accept the fact that i've graduated from high school!!

my neighbour (who lives on the 3rd floor) juz dropped by his rabbit for me to care for since he's going to ipoh and will b back tomorrow cute ok?! and its fur is as white as's no wonder my neighbour named him Snowball! excited to get to play with his rabbit...but i'm a lil nervous though...not sure if it'll hop here and there...haha...

so...going for lunch at my aunt's now...later!

Friday, December 23, 2005


i bet no one missed me...anyway, i've been enjoying my holidays by doing nothing here in at my cousin' i can do whatever i want (well, not exactly) like shopping (more like window =P) and hanging at home watching TV...

the other day i was chatting with an old friend from primary school...a guy actually...who i used to argue with ALOT...i hated him then...and vice he told me that primary reunion juz passed a couple of days ago...come to think of it, i've only been to our primary reunion once...cause most of the time the guys juz wanted to meet some pretty girls...those more popular i thought "what's the point?" but then this time i'm kinda disappointed that i couldn't make it (cause already in sg) i really really haven't seen those guys for a long long time now...(don't misunderstand k?!) it's juz that i used to be so anti-guys...and i even made alot of guy enemies during primary school...but now i chat to this particular guy who i loved to tease alot...hehe...but still...maybe i'm not that disappointed too...hehe...according to another guy who went...they paid for RM45 for a ermm...buffet lunch and BBQ dinner at night...and i dunno...he claimed that it wasn't as nice as he had

ahhhh....i love it here...not because i love the place...but because i've left all my thoughts back in worries, my fears, my everything! actually i haven't been thinking of my crush much until i heard a love song that day...*sigh* and about college applications too until my mom kept reminding me that i should start thinking about it, i guess when i go back tomorow, everything will come back to me i'm considering whether i should send my crush a christmas card...since i've been sending him festive cards (including his birthday) for the past 3 years...but it's different now...he has found the girl of his dreams...

enough about my crush d...don't wanna think about him too much d...must focus on other stuff...since i'm STILL on the topic of my crush, =P i'm so proud of myself!! haha...cause during that period when i was sitting for SPM, i hardly thought of him, and even if i did, i shrugged him off to the back of my head! so proud of myself k?!

haiyah...anyway...loads of stuff that i wanna write la...but gotta get going next time!

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

WORST day of my life

*sigh* it's 12:32pm now...was gonna meet my friends at the cinema 32 mins ago...but i'm sitting here typing this entry....=(

ok, it all started out like this:

i was sooo eager for this day to come as i never hung out with some of my friends we decided to go for a movie marathon, i asked my friend if i could borrow her digital camera battery charger so that i could charge my battery and use it today!! *fast forward* so my friend dropped off her battery for me this morning...when i was in the bathroom...i was kinda excited...*fast forward* my mom was waiting for me downstairs to take me to gurney plaza...and i was trying to wear my contact lenses cause my glasses were at the i tried my best to wear them as quickly as possible...i couldn't get the right one in..i started to tremble a fingers sweating....then, my lens dropped...and gone! i couldn't find it!! my mom even came upstairs to help me find it! after searching high and low, the lens was nowhere to be seen...i couldn't possibly go on a movie marathon without perfect eyesight! i won't be enjoying my movie to the fullest! besides, i'll be wasting my money (ok, my parents' hard-earned money) so....i had to tell my friends that i couldn't make it! *SCREAMS*

ok ok...since i'm not going out today...i'll clean my room, throw out unwanted DVD...*sigh*

what i've learnt today : never get to excited about something cause i'll end up being more disappointed....(juz excuse my grammar!! so devastated....) =((

p/s : i feel so guilty to make my friends wait for me for half an hour...if it wasn't for me, they're probably watching the 12:15pm show adee!

Sunday, December 04, 2005



i juz saw my crush 10 mins ago!!!!!!

*breathe in...breathe out...*

phew! he walked right past me!!!!!
he was wearing a red shirt and blue baggy jeans (not that kinda extremely baggy jeans...but that cool type...i dunno how to describe it! in other words...he looked good in it and didn't look like some gangster...GET IT?!) *inhales*

he was with a friend...i couldn't see properly (stupid me! should've worn my contact lenses!!) i think his friend was a guy...cause 'he' looked really tall and skinny...with long hair! (ick!) not only long...but tied like this....

(minus the curls n flowers...)

i'm not sure if he saw me....but i think he looked at me for a split second!!! o.O since he was busy talking while walking with his friend...i turned around to see if he was with his my relief..NO, or else my heart would've stopped beating there and then! i haven't seen him for ages....we used to bump into each other at the PSC...*sigh* memories =P i could still remember the first time i walked up to him and asked him if he was the person i thought he was...when he nodded...i juz walked off!! =S was too nervous! that was like in 2001...

i'm hoping he didn't see me though....cause i wasn't properly dressed....not that i dress when i go out...but clothes were me on this!! i'm not that kinda girl who dresses when she goes if i tell u that my clothes r hideous....believe me! to add salt to the 'wound', i was wearing a very childish 'winnie the pooh' old shirt and a 'half-shorts-half-skirt' full of teddy bears! ARGH!!

i hate to bump into him during the hols....cause now i have loads of time to think about him...could someone pls slap me?! =) oh...i forgot to mention...i bumped into him at gurney plaza...

Saturday, December 03, 2005



hehe...finally!! spm's over and i'm outta that school for good!

but i'm not thrilled though...because i kinda 'celebrated' yesterday d =D

anyway, gonna watch a comedy to laugh until my sides ache...ciao!

Friday, December 02, 2005

8-) ---> =)

hehe...i finally got my contact lenses!!!

it was freaking hard to get the lenses to 'stick' onto my eyeball...cause i kept moving my eyeball..and i couldn't control the muscles of my eyelids...hehe...i kept closing my eyes! whoa! it was hard work getting them in!!

anyway, once they're! haha...i can see REALLY clearly!! and i couldn't feel anything all i need is alot of practice!! =D i feel so excited...i dunno y =P


that i'll NEVER EVER cry because of a guy...

haha...this post is damn wu liao !

ok, anyway...i'm gonna start a beauty i'm gonna :

  • drink at LEAST 8 glasses of water a day
  • exercise regularly
  • sleep early
  • try out some (hehe) natural beauty tips (ok...weird vocab)

i guess that's it kua...i woke up at 8am today to go for a morning walk at the botanical garden with my mom, aunt and cousin...hehe...i felt so fresh when i came home and showered! =D

i mom's gonna take me to the optometrist's to check my eyesight and get contact lenses!! kinda excited...LOL...i'm sure my eye power has increased...*sigh*

Thursday, December 01, 2005

Girls can live without guys u know? protect someone's privacy...i shall call her F...

i've been reading F's blog for a few weeks and almost all her recent posts were about how she's hurting inside because of a certain guy...blah blah blah....and many more...

i'm lazy to type out those pointless stuff, so i'll be very brief...


ok, although crying definitely makes u feel better, but crying EVERY NIGHT to sleep?!
maybe because i haven't had a bf...but that's not the point...for me...i think i'm too egoistic to even beg him (if i have one, that is) to stay or shed tears for him! PUH-lease! if he doesn't want/like u...juz move on!! no guy is worth ur tears and the who is won't make u cry (i forgot the ACTUAL saying)

i've watched alot of movies that show girls crying over their breakup with boyfriends...*rolls eyes* i think that's juz plain dumb...don't u (i mean girls) have some dignity?! their are still alot of fishes in the sea and i'm sure u can find one that is truly urs! as for myself, i'm quite thankful i'm not that kinda girl who will break down because of some guy! Thank God! if i were like that, i think i wouldn't have handled my emotions that well (ok, not THAT well, but still...i think i handled quite well) =P

p/s : i'm not criticising the guys...but encouraging girls to move on!!! ARRGGGHHHH!!