Tuesday, December 06, 2005

WORST day of my life

*sigh* it's 12:32pm now...was gonna meet my friends at the cinema 32 mins ago...but i'm sitting here typing this entry....=(

ok, it all started out like this:

i was sooo eager for this day to come as i never hung out with some of my friends before...so we decided to go for a movie marathon today...so, i asked my friend if i could borrow her digital camera battery charger so that i could charge my battery and use it today!! *fast forward* so my friend dropped off her battery for me this morning...when i was in the bathroom...i was kinda excited...*fast forward* my mom was waiting for me downstairs to take me to gurney plaza...and i was trying to wear my contact lenses cause my glasses were at the shop...so i tried my best to wear them as quickly as possible...i couldn't get the right one in..i started to tremble a lil...my fingers sweating....then, my lens dropped...and gone! i couldn't find it!! my mom even came upstairs to help me find it! after searching high and low, the lens was nowhere to be seen...i couldn't possibly go on a movie marathon without perfect eyesight! i won't be enjoying my movie to the fullest! besides, i'll be wasting my money (ok, my parents' hard-earned money) so....i had to tell my friends that i couldn't make it! *SCREAMS*

ok ok...since i'm not going out today...i'll clean my room, throw out unwanted stuff...and...watch DVD...*sigh*

what i've learnt today : never get to excited about something cause i'll end up being more disappointed....(juz excuse my grammar!! so devastated....) =((

p/s : i feel so guilty to make my friends wait for me for half an hour...if it wasn't for me, they're probably watching the 12:15pm show adee!

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