Sunday, December 04, 2005



i juz saw my crush 10 mins ago!!!!!!

*breathe in...breathe out...*

phew! he walked right past me!!!!!
he was wearing a red shirt and blue baggy jeans (not that kinda extremely baggy jeans...but that cool type...i dunno how to describe it! in other words...he looked good in it and didn't look like some gangster...GET IT?!) *inhales*

he was with a friend...i couldn't see properly (stupid me! should've worn my contact lenses!!) i think his friend was a guy...cause 'he' looked really tall and skinny...with long hair! (ick!) not only long...but tied like this....

(minus the curls n flowers...)

i'm not sure if he saw me....but i think he looked at me for a split second!!! o.O since he was busy talking while walking with his friend...i turned around to see if he was with his my relief..NO, or else my heart would've stopped beating there and then! i haven't seen him for ages....we used to bump into each other at the PSC...*sigh* memories =P i could still remember the first time i walked up to him and asked him if he was the person i thought he was...when he nodded...i juz walked off!! =S was too nervous! that was like in 2001...

i'm hoping he didn't see me though....cause i wasn't properly dressed....not that i dress when i go out...but clothes were me on this!! i'm not that kinda girl who dresses when she goes if i tell u that my clothes r hideous....believe me! to add salt to the 'wound', i was wearing a very childish 'winnie the pooh' old shirt and a 'half-shorts-half-skirt' full of teddy bears! ARGH!!

i hate to bump into him during the hols....cause now i have loads of time to think about him...could someone pls slap me?! =) oh...i forgot to mention...i bumped into him at gurney plaza...


kryptos said...

just to quote tst, "gurney plaza is a depressing place for singles. never visi t that place unless u're dating." well, hv to say that i whole-heartedly agree with him!

yeah, u're right. there isn't probably a worse time to bump into ur crush than during the hols. u'll just wallow in depressing thoughts and before u know, the hols r ruined... unless u find something to fill ur time n dun leave the mind vacant!

Lin Whatever! said...

haha...everybody knows i ALWAYS disagree with i don't think gurney plaza os a depressing place for singles =) i see alot of groupies there too...amd i don't feel like having a bf, not depressed!

i juz said i was LUCKY i didn't see HIM and HIS gf...whoa! but good thing for me...yesterday after bumping into him...i watched a movie and he totally slipped my mind! =D i think i've grown out of that depression kinda need to be depressed...quite happy actually...i saw him!!!!!!!!!! his face oh-so-clearly!! walking right pass me! *melts* oops...too long d...=P