Saturday, December 03, 2005



hehe...finally!! spm's over and i'm outta that school for good!

but i'm not thrilled though...because i kinda 'celebrated' yesterday d =D

anyway, gonna watch a comedy to laugh until my sides ache...ciao!


kryptos said...

if i'm not mistaken, the last paper was est, right?

congratulations on ur liberation! ;)

Lin Whatever! said...

yes!! and the funny thing is...i found out i got my answer wrong when i was at a CD sotre with my parents...the title of a VCD 'told' me i guessed the answer wrongly!

kryptos said...

you found out d answer fr the title of a vcd??!! wow! what a coincidence! o_O

Lin Whatever! said...

LOL~ ya! i wish i never saw it!! ARGH! now i know i'm bad at guessing the answer...=P