Friday, December 02, 2005

8-) ---> =)

hehe...i finally got my contact lenses!!!

it was freaking hard to get the lenses to 'stick' onto my eyeball...cause i kept moving my eyeball..and i couldn't control the muscles of my eyelids...hehe...i kept closing my eyes! whoa! it was hard work getting them in!!

anyway, once they're! haha...i can see REALLY clearly!! and i couldn't feel anything all i need is alot of practice!! =D i feel so excited...i dunno y =P


kryptos said...

haha, i agree! i've never tried contact lenses before cos i think it's pretty freaky to force open the eyelids and put them on! yikes!

Lin Whatever! said...

LOL! well, i don't exactly find it freaky...but it's hard cause i keep blinking my eyes and i keep looking elsewhere...=S