Friday, December 21, 2007

It's been too long...

...since I left you here.

My holidays are great...meaning I finally feel the feeling of having a holiday! Been busy hanging out with friends from the past (well, it kinda feels like it) and reliving memories.

During the past 1 year, well, maybe not...9 months being away from home, I guess I realized a great deal of facts about life. As for me, I think I've learnt that if we keep hanging on to the past, we are unable to live out future to the fullest. However, if we remember lessons from the past and apply it in the future, then it would bring us benefits. It may sound easy but one thing I know is that I'm not the kind who can juz forget about the past and move on like that...sometimes I think too much, sometimes I say things without thinking, sometimes I regret not doing the things that I should have. So you see, I do think about the past now and then. Being back home for nearly a month, I've been chasing my past. I wanna make everything right again. So, I finally made it up to a friend whom I've lost contact with for ages since he had his girlfriend. After all, he's leaving for US in January.

Just the other day, I was laughing my signature laughter with my Penang friends at Gurney Plaza and suddenly one of them remarked, "Ee Lin!! I haven't heard your laughter for ages!! I miss it so much...." That exact moment, I felt like I've found my old self!! I can be who I wanna be...I guess I do laugh like that in Adelaide too, but not as freely as I wanted to because my friends would tell me that people are looking. It may be embarrassing, but I miss doing that so much!! So what if people are looking?? I laugh like no one's around...juz in my own world, where everything stands still.

Maybe because in Adelaide, I look out for my manners alot that I don't feel natural. Even the 1st time hanging out with my best friend of 5 years, I felt so weird...I even said excuse me after burping. She said "aiya, it's not your first time la ok?!" and I thought: oh...I've totally forgotten how to act in front of her. *sigh* I feel so torn apart. Malaysia and Adelaide, which is my home?? The me in Malaysia vs. the me in Adelaide, which is the real me??

I guess I'm just too emotional...=)


Tuesday, December 11, 2007

What did I do today?

Woke up today and a thought passed through my mind "go for the Popular Bookstore interview and get yourself a job!"

I was so determined to get that job...I mean, getting a job is one of the things I wanna do when I get back to Penang.

So off I went to Gurney Plaza (GP) right after my lunch, walked into Popular with high hopes and I realised that the poster with the recruiting information was gone!! They must've hired someone already...*sigh*

As determined as I was, I walked around GP, hoping to find shops with vacancy notices on the glass door. I did find a few but I was too shy to walk in to ask =S Coward, I know...

In the end, I did walk in 2 stores to ask - 1 is Tower Records which sells CDs and another 1 is Memory Lane which sells cards n souvenirs. Didn't get to be interviewed but the TR guy asked me to come back the next day because their manager wasn't in and the ML lady said she'll call me for an interview.

Right now, I really really hope I get the TR job...haha~ If I get it, it would be my 1st job ever!!!

p/s: more updates on my job interview tomorrow or when I remember XP


Tuesday, December 04, 2007


Woke up...had my breakfast consisting of half-boiled egg with soy sauce and pepper and homemade bread (yummy!!), checked my e-mail...

There it was, sitting in my inbox!

The name was I thought it was from EM that I know in Adelaide, but I felt a little weird as why EM would send me e-mails about volunteering in medical camps =S

As I read the e-mail further, I realised it was from EM, my bio lecturer who taught me last year!!

She's a strong woman with aspiration to care for the environment. She loves her job as a botanist and most of all, she's the one who inspired me!

Well, she's also the one who got me into donating my hair to kids who have diseases that cause hair loss. =)

I really can't wait to see her again...never in my life had someone influenced me so positively!!

Time to get ready and go out for lunch!!

Before I go, I realised Penang people are just so simple...I can go out in a T-shirt and shorts...without even worrying about not shaving the hair on my legs! Lalala~ I feel so free!!


Sunday, December 02, 2007

I'm sick and tired...

...of being the only one that is making an effort to keep in touch!!

Why does it always have to be me?!

Well, maybe they don't miss me enough...I don't know.

They say that time and distance make people grow apart, I don't think's up to us to make an effort, really.

Everytime I tell myself that if they don't do their part, then I don't give a damn!

But, no...I think it's just such a waste to throw away a friendship like that...

Instead, I'm the one who got smart am I?

Enough said, I shall not give a damn!