Sunday, April 29, 2007

'Eventful' Day

Everything that I'm gonna say happened on Monday (23rd of April)...

That day was my friend, XX's (not Xiaxue) birthday, so after my class at 12pm, I sms-ed my friend, E, to ask her if she wants to go hunt for a birthday gift for XX together and so we decided to meet up outside McD. As expected, I ended up eating at McD whilst waiting for E...

Because the inside of McD was packed, I tumpang an old man's table together with another man who couldn't find a place to sit. The old man was friendly, he talked to me about my studies and stuff whereas the other man was super unfriendly, he kept showing his long face...and something that really bothered me was that most of the people here smoke. I think 8 out of 10 smoke here. The old man was smoking but he was considerate enough not to huff n puff RIGHT in front of me. So after talking for a while, the old man left me eating there with the other man. It was way awkward cause we didn't utter a word to each other at all and I tried to keep myself occupied by watching the world go by, which in fact I love to do. Mana tau, he took out a cigarette and started huffing n puffing....*sigh* I just felt like telling him off but decided not to, just in case he's some gangster...=S

When that man left, I was super more cigarette smoke! After a few mins, 3 females came and asked me if anyone else was sitting with me so I said no and ushered them to sit down. They were really friendly, and I got to know that 1 of the women was the girl's mom and the other woman was her aunt. They were from Brisbane to visit the girl who's studying here. All of a sudden, I heard excited screaming...that kind of screaming you hear when you're at a concert...I turned around to see a bunch of teenage girls with hp (with cameras) and digital cameras going after a bunch of black guys. They were walking right pass me. Well, the first thing that came into my mind was that they must be some popular celebrities but I couldn't recognise them. So I asked the girl next to me, and she said it was Chris Brown!!! That US black singer!! When I turned around to take a look at his face again, all I saw was the backs of the crowd crossing the road. *sigh* Unexpectedly, they walked pass me again for the 2nd time...woohoo~ and this time I got a clear view of his CUTE face!! <3 and the girl next to me got a pic of him on her digital cam.

So the females were talking among themselves and I was minding my own business........until that girl took out a box of cigarettes and I immediately thought to myself: shit! she's gonna smoke in front of me!! help!! how can her mom allow her to smoke?! this ain't right...smoking is bad for health! -.-" Before I could hold my breath, she already lit her cigarette and I was choking and coughing already...It was damn bad...and she asked "Do you mind if I smoke?" and believe me, I was coughing so badly I couldn't answer her question. The girl said to her aunt and mom "I think we'd better go some place else to smoke, we're killing this poor girl...see, she's coughing already, we're gonna make her sick" and so they moved to the other table and it didn't do any good either cause the wind was blowing my direction and they were at the table opposite me.

When they finally went away, I felt damn relieved...phew~ when....the guy at the table next to me started smoking! My gosh...why do people smoke?! It's such a waste of money and it doesn't even do any good to your health! Since I came to aus, I always have this feeling that I'm not gonna die of old age, but because of 2nd-hand smoke! Even students at my hostel smoke...and they usually smoke at the balcony right outside my room... o.O

Anyway, back to my day...

I went window-shopping after having my McD lunch because winter's nearing and I need more warm clothes. I saw this shirt I particularly like and tried it on in the fitting room. After admiring myself in the full-length mirror for ages, I thought I'd better not buy it cause it wasn't that practical. As I was getting ready to come out of the fitting room, I realised the fitting room was unusually empty! Where was my bag?! Shit! I must have left it at McD!! I can't describe to you how nervous I was!! I rushed back to the same spot I was sitting a few minutes ago and thankfully, my bag was still sitting on the exact same chair I was sitting on...My heart was racing like mad...I was so so so thankful that it was not stolen because I practically had my "everything" in that bag - mobile phone, wallet and my room key. -.-"

Met up with esther, told her what happened before she showed up and we went shopping for XX's b'day present.

Upon reaching our hostel, I changed into my new long-sleeve shirt, tights and a denim skirt. I felt so weird cause I never dressed so feminine since I reached here...and I wore my contact lenses for the first time since February. We took off to this seafood restaurant somewhere near Tee Tree Plaza to have dinner! The dinner was OK, I ate until my stomach looked like a pregnant lady's...I was so so so full...*BURP*

p/s: I'm lazy to type liao...till next time!!

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Back from E-camp!!

*inhales deeply* I'm finally back from E-camp which was organised by OCF (Overseas Christian Fellowship)!! woohoo~ Well, one reason I'm thrilled to be back is I missed my bed in my room so much...and the other reason is I've learnt alot in E-camp...I am contented. =)

As a christian my whole life, I have never been close to God although sometimes I do go to church every Sunday. When I come across obstacles in life, I do not turn to Him, instead I do things based on my own limited strength...which is obviously not enough. Now, my faith is renewed, and I shall turn to Him all the time, during good times and the bad. Being christian is no easy task as we need to serve doesn't matter how much and how big ur contributions are, as long as you have the heart to. Now I feel like I'm born again!! He always loves me no matter who I am and what I've done and that is the greatest love of all!! <3>In the dining hall)
I was playing cards with a group of friends and because I wasn't quite sure about the rules, I wanted to swap places with a guy friend, K, who was sitting next to me, so that my friend, E, who was sitting next to K could help me with the game. As I stood up, I kinda jokingly said "wah...your chair must be super hot now!" and I guess there was some misunderstanding. K moved his chair when I wanted to sit I kinda "fell" and K caught me by the waist! Just for your info, K is already taken...and there were so many other people around, and since my friends used to tease us both, I guess both of us were quite embarrassed.

It's ok if you guys didn't find that embarrassing cause I am very very bad in relating stuff again.
so, that was on the 4 days of my 1+ week Easter holiday =) I'll try my best to update my blog as often as I stay tune! haha~ =D