Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Back from E-camp!!

*inhales deeply* I'm finally back from E-camp which was organised by OCF (Overseas Christian Fellowship)!! woohoo~ Well, one reason I'm thrilled to be back is I missed my bed in my room so much...and the other reason is I've learnt alot in E-camp...I am contented. =)

As a christian my whole life, I have never been close to God although sometimes I do go to church every Sunday. When I come across obstacles in life, I do not turn to Him, instead I do things based on my own limited strength...which is obviously not enough. Now, my faith is renewed, and I shall turn to Him all the time, during good times and the bad. Being christian is no easy task as we need to serve doesn't matter how much and how big ur contributions are, as long as you have the heart to. Now I feel like I'm born again!! He always loves me no matter who I am and what I've done and that is the greatest love of all!! <3>In the dining hall)
I was playing cards with a group of friends and because I wasn't quite sure about the rules, I wanted to swap places with a guy friend, K, who was sitting next to me, so that my friend, E, who was sitting next to K could help me with the game. As I stood up, I kinda jokingly said "wah...your chair must be super hot now!" and I guess there was some misunderstanding. K moved his chair when I wanted to sit I kinda "fell" and K caught me by the waist! Just for your info, K is already taken...and there were so many other people around, and since my friends used to tease us both, I guess both of us were quite embarrassed.

It's ok if you guys didn't find that embarrassing cause I am very very bad in relating stuff again.
so, that was on the 4 days of my 1+ week Easter holiday =) I'll try my best to update my blog as often as I stay tune! haha~ =D



pink positive!! said...

whoa! girl.... finally some updates!!... lol...

great to hear that you're fine and having a great time there!! =)

i'm having exam now, then will be having 2 weeks of hols...

and i'm leaving in august... T_T

update ur blog more often!! and post some pics la... ;) hehehehe miss ur face... lol

GLO said...

hey hey...sorry din drop by ur blog for a 'reasonably' long time coz i was really busy. (not apparently) finals are coming and i am recruited to join a really sophisticated civil-related competition. am getting myself busy like a bee this time.

good to hear u finding new strength in life. dun forget that friends could help u out too, not only God. ;-) we're always around.

Maree said...

hey hey...yeah,u finally blogged!!haha...i missed reading ur blogs...and...tht was kinda funny actually..altho..maybe embarassing 2 u...hehehe!nvmlah..getting caught in the waist by a lengzai (is he 1?) isn't a bad way to spend ur hols,is it?ehehehe!lurve u!

Lin Whatever! said...

hey guys!!

sorry, only saw ur comments today...don't really check my blog =P hehe~ thanks for the comments. i'm so loved...=D tell me i'm not perasan...

ok, i'll post up some of my pics (and that guy who caught my fall) haha~

i juz wanna say sorry guys i seldom visit ur blogs cause i'm trying not to use too much internet...and sometimes the internet connection here is super duper cacat...a page can take ages to finish don't worry, i'll drop comments for u when i do visit ur blogs! ;) u guys take care k!? love ya!