Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Young & in love

I know my post title may be misleading...LOL I'm not young & in love but it has got to do with being young & in love. Get it?? XD

Logged onto facebook first thing in the morning (not really, just after breakfast & cleaning the house), & I came across this video my friend posted up.

While watching it, it reminded me of my primary & high school days. Those were the days when I would immerse in this romantic fantasy of mine. LOL I've always dreamt that one day I'll have my own love story - "You'll be the prince & I'll be the princess, it's a love story, baby just say yes". When we were young, everything seemed hopeful, the future was uncertain but we were all excited about going to uni, making new friends, experiencing different cultures etc. In short, we were so carefree. If you meet a guy you like, love is all it takes. As long as you love one another, everything will work out right? However, now that I've grown older (hopefully wiser too), I realised that you can't live on love alone. Well at least I know I can't. Just like a chinese saying goes 爱情和面包,你选哪一个?*translated - love & bread, which one would you choose?* I'd definitely choose bread! As if love will keep me fed & warm. What if the guy I like is like super duper poor? =/ I'm also not implying that I want a rich guy...LOL It's just that when we become more mature, we'll take many factors into consideration, eg. is he financially stable? Would he be a great father to my children?

Sometimes I catch a glimpse of an extremely cute guy on the street, but guess what? Most of them are still in high school! ='( I'm old...really getting old...Before you think that I like young boys, let me tell you my tragic "love story". HAHAHAHAHA I was working with this guy called R on my research project & I really liked him because he was nice, friendly & all. Really liked his bubbly & funny personality. But...that feeling soon turned into mixed feelings because...he was engaged! ='(( Boohoo! He's getting married on the 10th of July. Ahhhhhhh! Why is it that I always fall for someone who's either taken or, worse, getting married?!!?

After finding out his relationship status, I felt SUPER nervous working alongside him after that. I kept feeling conscious about my actions, just in case he finds out that I actually have a crush on him then he had to make a difficult decision whether he should leave his fiancee for me. LOL Just kidding about the latter part. So, I'm not "actively" searching for the other half...wayyy too busy with my studies to even think about it. Gosh, I'm starting to ramble about how miserable my love life is. Please don't misunderstand. I'm happy with my status right now!

Why hasn't R invited me to his wedding?!?!?!?!

OK, fine...I AM happy! ^^

p/s: Oh, watch the video...it's so sweet! *melts*


Monday, June 28, 2010

Strange place

It's strange that no matter how stressed I feel about an exam or an assignment, I'd eventually drift into a different dimension when I'm doing my revision/assignment. Just an hour ago, I was studying with Taylor Swift's songs blasting through my earphones, & I found myself in a strange place. LOL I felt calm & was actually enjoying studying what I was studying. @.@ How bizarre.

Since we're on this topic, let me digress a little. When I was in high school, I'd always have my afternoon nap (which lasted for hours) right after my lunch. Yup, without changing, without showering, I'd just flop myself on the bed & drift into dreamland. I really LOVE sleeping. There's an indescribable feeling about it. Sleeping "solves" most of my problems. LOL Like that time when I came home after an SPM paper (I think it was physics), I came home feeling down, knowing that I did quite a few mistakes. I immediately transported myself to dreamland & when I woke up hours later, that paper incident just felt like it never happened! Not only that, when I get EXTREMELY HORRIBLE menstrual cramps, all I need is something hot to drink/eat AND sleep, & when I wake up, everything's back to normal.

These days, I look forward to bed time so much 'cause that's how I run away from reality, from all the stress I'm facing. Every morning, the moment I open my eyes, I think to myself "Gosh, back to reality!" That's my life these days...for those who are wondering what I'm up to.


Sunday, June 27, 2010

Never too early

A few days ago, while feeling tired of studying, I went online to do a research on postgraduate studies in Australia. Since I was 14, I've always known what I wanted to do in life - get a bachelor's degree in psychology, do a postgraduate in psychology & work as a psychologist. That has always been my lifelong dream. However, I have a feeling that all these would change. Everything always doesn't go as planned & I'm thinking of Plan B, just in case I can't do what I wanna do. Who knows, I might end up doing something totally different! Like what this post title implies, it's never too early to plan. Right? Heh...this post is so pointless...but oh well, at least i'm updating!



Friday, June 25, 2010

Fresh air

Ahh...After almost 5 days of cooping myself up at home to study, I finally decided to go to the library to study today. Well, there are always a few advantages studying at the library compared to at home. For one, I can save electricity because I don't have to turn on the heater at the library, & also I don't have to turn on my desk lamp at the library. Secondly, the height of the table at the library is way ideal than the desk I have back home, therefore I won't have any backaches sitting too long. =D Also, there are less distractions because though there are computers at the library, I only come online (like now) during my break time.

I'm not sure what to blog about anymore. LOL But I promise I'll blog about more interesting stuff after my exams...well, if there are interesting stuff.


Thursday, June 24, 2010

Alive and kicking

Hello people!!!

Yes, I'm pretty much alive and kicking! I'm not sure if anyone still visits my blog since I kinda abandoned it for almost a year (?) now =/

I'm thinking of updating my blog more often now as I'm gonna be very very stressed out these few months & I'll need a place to vent. So, sorry if my posts are very emo. Will try my best to blog about happy things too. =D

Just a quick update, having an exam on the 3rd of July & I'm still struggling with revision. HATE stats to the max!!!! -___-

Well, at least...I've got more time to study. Right?

While studying, I got "bored" & started looking through my pictures so here's a collage of pictures I took, mostly during my summer holidays. =)