Thursday, June 24, 2010

Alive and kicking

Hello people!!!

Yes, I'm pretty much alive and kicking! I'm not sure if anyone still visits my blog since I kinda abandoned it for almost a year (?) now =/

I'm thinking of updating my blog more often now as I'm gonna be very very stressed out these few months & I'll need a place to vent. So, sorry if my posts are very emo. Will try my best to blog about happy things too. =D

Just a quick update, having an exam on the 3rd of July & I'm still struggling with revision. HATE stats to the max!!!! -___-

Well, at least...I've got more time to study. Right?

While studying, I got "bored" & started looking through my pictures so here's a collage of pictures I took, mostly during my summer holidays. =)




rhi said...

yay! u r here again!!
stats...hahaha. jia you ba XD
are u coming back anytime soon?? =)

Lin said...

wow! ppl actually read my blog! LOL I thought I lost all my "readers" liao. XD

No, not going back till the end of the year liao. I've gotta work on my thesis during the winter holidays =( No proper holiday for me! Thanks, I will jia you! ;) Hope you're enjoying yourself being an intern (?). Hehe...Keep in touch!