Monday, March 30, 2009

Monday Morning

What can I say about my Monday morning? It's supposed to be great but I've gotta study for a test & catch up on Advanced Research Methods (I'm so clueless!). Blah! I think it's becoming a habit of mine that if I do not have classes on a particular day, I would always start my day off talking to someone, be it GF or parents.

I woke up feeling really exhausted & I didn't know why. While having my breakfast, snapshots of my nightmare came flooding back into my mind & I realised that it was the nightmare that disrupted my sleep.

YL told me that he would be coming to Adelaide during Easter holidays on msn. I was very excited as I wouldn't be so sien during holidays so I was very looking forward to it. Mana tau, cause I chatted with him before I went to bed. I dreamt that he has arrived in Adelaide & the 1st place I took him to was the museum. =.= the dream, the museum looked totally different from the real one. Weirdly, we were the only ones in the museum (not including the guards). There were super creepy monuments & paintings & everything seemed to come to live (if you're imagining something like Night at the Museum, you're so wrong!! It was disturbingly creepy). Even the security guards were weird!! They seemed to be some kind of zombies. Before I could make out the details, YL & I were running...trying to find our way out the museum but we were trapped. As usual, I couldn't wake up because I was stuck in the dream.

I'm feeling kind of lazy to describe the details. The thing is, the details were quite blurry too. =S could be due to studying Abnormal Psychology. Did you know that in the late 19th century, people bought tickets to view mentally ill patients as a form of entertainment? Sick right?! Argh...


Thursday, March 26, 2009

What a way to start my day

Argh! This is soooo frustrating! I've been having problems enrolling for a submajor course in the 2nd period for a month now! My e-mails have been referred to several people & yet my problem is not solved. Why? Because the last person who received my e-mail just simply stopped replying me!

Yesterday I thought that enough is enough! I need to solve this problem soon before history repeats itself (like last year) so I personally went to the school office to find someone who could help me. There was a tinge of hope in me. I felt optimistic again. Was hoping that this problem would be solved by the end of this week so that I could arrange the timetable of my 2nd semester. The school office staff made an appointment for me to meet another staff whom she thought could help me. Although I didn't have class the next morning in the city, I agreed to the time because I was desparate for the problem to be solved!

So I sacrificed a few hours of sleep so that I could get to the city on time for the appointment. Guess what happened next? No prize for the correct answer. *rolls eyes* Not only she couldn't help (not that I blame her, she was new to her job), she referred me to one of the people who has stopped replying my e-mails! Argh! When I went to that person, she gave me this really arrogant face & reply. I soooo wanted to kill myself there & then. She asked me to drop her an e-mail because she didn't have time to talk & because my problem doesn't need to be solved immediately. Those were her exact words! WTH!

Just to let you know what happened last year. Beginning of last year I had problems enrolling in one of the courses for 2nd semester too. So I started e-mailing & looking for my school staff regarding my problem. As usual, e-mails were forwarded here & there, to this & that person....& they just simply stopped replying me e-mail (probably unable to solve my problem). Period. I got so fed up of e-mailing people because I was also stressed out with my assignments & tests at the same time. Hence, I told myself "take one step at a time". I left it as that. Before my 2nd semester started, I started looking for help again...However, all my effort was in vain. Again, I was so stressed about it I went looking for my Psychology support officer & guess what?! She indirectly accused me of not solving the problem in 1st semester! >( I felt so pissed because when I looked for her in 1st semester, she told me, "Well, this is a study period 5 (2nd sem) problem, so you still have a long way to go". ARGH!!!

I'm seriously sick of running around (literally) hoping someone would just be kind enough to settle the problem once & for all. I'm happy, they're happy...right?! Bah...


Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Extraordinary start to a day

OK, not exactly EXTRAordinary...but it was out of ordinary alright! For the 1st time in almost 3 years in Adelaide...guess what?!


I know for most people, oversleeping is like a daily "routine"...but it's rather unusual for me. Since I came to Adelaide, I am able to wake up on time to have breakfast & prepare for my classes. Oversleeping was totally out of the question!

Anyway, what happened this morning was this: I was having a dream...a rather weird dream. I'm not sure why I've been having weird dreams again lately, never used to have dreams when I'm back home. Right, where was I? I was having a dream about stormy seas & scary sea creatures. Wasn't too sure if I was alone, stranded in the middle of the sea. Someone was there with me but I couldn't recall who. So, when my alarm clock rang, my hand had a mind of its own & decided that it should press on the "snooze" button. I lost count of how many times I actually pressed on the "snooze" button. I wanted to get back into my dream to see what the ending would be like. You could say that I was actually "stuck" in the dream, trying to find my way out. However, something miraculous happened, I suddenly opened my eyes to check on the time. When I saw that the time was already 9:56am, my eyes opened 10 times wider than their original sizes!!!! My class was at 10am (but usually the uni gives 10 mins allowance, so lectures start at 10:10am). I literally jumped out of bed, put a cup of milk into the microwave, changed into t-shirt & jeans, applied face moisturiser & sunscreen on both arms, put my stationery case into my bag, combed my hair (y did I even bother combing?!), gulped down my milk with 2.5 teaspoons of Milo, peed & I was out of the apartment! Fortunately the lecture was in Magill (5 mins from where I stay)! I arrived for lecture feeling hot & sweaty. Phew!


In the afternoon on the way home from my city campus, an old man sat next to me. If you're imganing a weak & frail old man, you're wrong. He was old but strong, big & healthy. Get my drift? Anyway, I don't know for whatever reason, I looked down & saw one of his sports shoes, I went o.O I thought that was my foot because he was wearing the same brand & design. So I moved my foot & see if that shoe moved too. LOL He felt me fidgeting so I looked up & said to him "We're wearing the same shoes". & from that point onwards, our conversation started.

Him: So, are you working or studying?
Me: Oh, working. =)
Him: What are you studying?
Me: Psychology.
Him: Good fun. (I mistook that for "Where're you from")
Me: Malaysia.
Him: Haha...I just said good fun & you said Malaysia.
Me: Oh! Sorry...I thought you were asking me where I'm from. =D
Him: It's alright...It was just kind of funny. Malaysia...good fun.
Me: Hehe...

Apparently this guy is doing software engineering. Still very alert, mind you. LOL He was going on & on about his children...seemed like he's very proud of them. =) So his son just got his PhD in ermm...mathematics & had been working in the US for dunno-how-long. On the other hand, his daughter has masters in...omg, i forgot adee. =S Anyway, yeah, he told me that he took the bus to the city to just get a book. Wow! I mean, old people back home don't do that. He said something along the lines of "you can never stop learning". Very inspiring indeed. When I told him that I love learning, but dislike to be assessed (eg. taking exams etc.), he told me something that made me go o.O again. He said, "Well, when you think of it, u're constantly being assessed. In your workplace, you'll be assessed by your boss, colleagues & people around you." *speechless* It's true what he said & I suppose that doesn't stop us from becoming who we want to be & what we wanna do.

Hmmm...bus rides ain't that bad after all...when I don't doze off & knock my head against the window. XP


OK, this is not something that happened today but I thought it was quite interesting. I have a class/coursemate who is 22 this year & has been engaged for a few years now. I find that totally bizarre! Like...I'm turning 21 this year, & I can't even get over homesickness & staying on my own, living independently, coping with stress etc. & this girl...she's been staying with her fiance's parents while her parents are staying in Perth. o.O I mean...staying with your fiance's parents?! It's like they're already married! I so cannot imagine myself as being engaged & still studying. Na-ah.

p/s: Did I mention that I totally miss the love of my life?! The other day I was on webcam with my cousins & aunts on Skype...and there he was...oh-so-cute-&-adorable!! Felt like cuddling & squeezing him in my arms. When I heard his voice, my heart totally melted...I was totally speechless.


Tuesday, March 24, 2009


This is related to the previous post as you can see...I blogged TWICE in a day because people just refuse to understand!

Well, got to find out about his news from a friend, another friend had to make my blood boil. So, I feel like an idiot, a fool, a clown, (insert whatever nouns that describe someone who's living in their own ideal world thinking that everyone is their friend, not even knowing that maybe they're laughing at them behind your back)!

When I think that I'm starting to form strong bonds with people, people just disappoint me to the core! Seriously! Why is it that I'm always the last to find out things?! I think you guys think I'd be sad and drown myself in tears or something but guess what?! I'm only weak if I let myself be. I'm tough OK?! I can take whatever you throw at me...I don't care.

You think news like THAT can break me apart?! Yeah, I admit that I almost cried when I found out BUT it's not like it's end of the world. I'll get over it...faster than you know. Believe it or not, I have already moved on. I'm so disappointed I don't know what to say...

I'm so angry I feel like crying to let out all of my anger! Argh!


Who am I to you?

Obviously you don't treat me as a friend like you said you do. Friends tell friends stuff...even though you might think that it's unnecessary. But...finding out stuff from another friend is like a slap in the face. Even though so many times I've asked you about how you feel, you always laugh & say "There's nothing wrong" or "Why do you keep asking me this?" I guess I knew you too well, I know that deep inside you have something against me. You make peace with me because you're forced to by your friends. I have known all along that you do not want to have anything to do with me. I should've trusted my instincts & avoided you but part of me thinks that I think too much.

So I was having my lunch - Tuna sandwich with cheese + avocado - & I decided to catch up with a friend on Skype. As usual, I wanted to know what's happening back in Penang & with our mutual friends. Well, I was right all along...he's finally attached.

When I found out myself weeks ago, I was at my uni computer pool. Though the attachment hasn't been confirmed, I walked to my lecture room, trying to hold back the tears. I knew that it was really THE time to move on. The pieces to a puzzle have already arranged in place. No matter how you rearrange, the pieces wouldn't fit as perfectly. It took almost a week for me to slowly accept that fact. When I finally recovered from the heartache, I scolded myself for acting the way I did. It was all because of my selfishness.

Today, my reaction was totally different from when I first found out. I didn't feel anything. I just felt a little angry because when I talked to him a few weeks ago, I asked him if there's anything he wanted to tell me but he said no, which was kind of expected. I don't know what to say anymore. All I can do is to congratulate u on ur attachment & I hope that when my time comes, you'll do the same for me.


Sunday, March 22, 2009

She's the man

First of all, this blog post has absolutely nothing to do with the movie "She's the Man". I just couldn't think of a decent post title.

Anyway, I've been meaning to blog about my 2nd week of uni but I change my mind since I lost the magic moment to blog adee. LOL & I realised that I haven't blogged about my February. So...yup, this post is about what I did in February, before I came back to Adelaide.

Hopefully, looking through the pics I took in February won't stimulate my tear glands, causing a massive downpour.

1st February
So, the 1st day of February, the whole family went out for dinner @ Manila Place on a Sunday night because brother was gonna leave on Wednesday that week. It was also the 1st time having dinner out as a whole family since my brother came back for 3 weeks. Usually we would have dinner at home. It was really great...finally the 4 of us reunited. No more feeling like an only child XP However, bro was leaving soon & I was gonna leave 11 days after that. Argh...I totally hate having a concoction of emotions. *bleh*

4th February
The day before Sue's departure, us Disted girls (of a different group) decided to have 1 last hangout @ Gurney Plaza. We got to catch up over lunch & express our feelings about leaving Penang. It was all good...At least I know that there are people out there who truly know how I feel. =) They are the people whom I hung out more during the summer holidays & I'm glad I did.

5th February
Hmm...I dunno where to start with this one. LOL I first got to "know" HY during CNY in 2008. Didn't really talk much to her as I felt a lil strange being around C's friends. Funny thing was, I mentioned to C that I was a little intimidated by HY & what do u know?! He asked HY & YY out in December to have dinner together with us & *zap* I dunno what happened along the way. I started going out with them more & when YY went back to study in Perlis, HY & I met up for a movie - Underworld 3. We had a gr8 time watching the movie & having lunch at Kim Gary after that. I guess 1st impressions aren't always accurate. ;) Good thing C asked them out for dinner in December. If not for him, I wouldn't have gotten to know a new friend, would I?

7th February
My baby boy went back to Singapore with his grandparents (my aunt + uncle). ='(

10th February
Since I got to know KT in 1999, we've been kinda close ever since. By close I mean, talking about anything in the world with each other. & of course when I found out that she was coming to study in Adelaide, I could not express how thrilled I was! Having someone you know for aeons here is definitely the best thing in the world! So we hung out alot in Adelaide, mostly during the holidays though. I'm not sure if I've blogged about this before. One time, when we went hiking at the Botanical Gardens, I almost died. I shall save that for another day. XD Anyway, we've been planning to go hiking for ages so I decided to just go ahead with the plan before I came back to Adelaide (she left almost a week after I did). Hehe...That's us...hiking & camwhoring along the way.

14th February
The day that every couple (or rather just the girls with bfs) has been waiting for. Well, since my friends & I are still single, we thought why not celebrate it among ourselves?! Ruth, YF & I headed to the Northam Beach Cafe for our dinner. Hmmm...I think we had ikan panggang, lasagne (with soup & dessert [omg the dessert!!]), muar chee...omg I can't remember! =S All I remember is that the food was yummy & we left with filled stomachs. LOL Happy Belated Valentine's Day girls! =D

15th February
After planning for sooo long, SM, XY & I finally met up! Too bad HN & SH couldn't make it though. =( We first became close in...let's see...2004. We were in the same group doing the SPM Additional Mathematics project. & the rest is history. XD I'm always glad that I get to keep in touch with old friends because nothing compares to them! Well, not that new friends are not good, it's just that old friends have known you longer & have probably been through a lot with u in those years that u've been friends.

18th February
The day before my dreaded day. Despite having to leave the next day, Shaun, Ruth & I met up for lunch at Kim Gary. & after that, we headed to PAH to visit Pras who has been admitted there.

That's pras, with Shaun Jr. Shaun made while waiting to visit her. LOL
19th February
I dun even know what to "say" here. I was dreading this day for almost a week even though I knew I had to face reality. Well...let's just say I managed to put up a brave front & held back the tears that have been desparate to flow. Besides, for the first time in 2 years (1st time not counted as mom went to Adelaide with me), I had a friend to keep me company during the flight. So it wasn't that bad...until I reached Adelaide & stepped into my room of course.

There you go, this is a post on what I did in February.


Sunday, March 15, 2009

She's unsure...

...if this has become a really bad habit or is a result of classical conditioning.

Home is supposed to be a source of comfort for her. A place where she doesn't have to worry about anything. A place where she can feel most at peace, knowing that her family & friends would always be there, providing her all the love & care that she needs.

However, why is it that those tears of hers would automatically run down her cheeks when she looks at pictures she took back home? Or when she hears that concerned voice of her mother's? Or when thoughts of her baby boy cross her mind?

Whenever she feels down, that four-lettered word would immediately swift through her mind like lightning. Even Penang look-alikes here make her feel SLIGHTLY more at home. She thinks she's losing it but no...she's not gonna lose it!


Thursday, March 12, 2009

A Quickie

Hello guys & girls!

I'm finally back in the blogosphere! You'll never imagine how happy Jenn & I were when we finally got our internet connection yesterday! OMG...never knew we were so dependent on the internet until we were deprived of it. o.O

So what have I learnt for the past week?

I've learnt that:
  • It isn't easy staying outside by your own
  • The quality of customer service here in Australia is somewhat similar (or SLIGHTLY better) than in Malaysia
  • Internet is so important for us to keep in touch with people, especially family & friends
  • Patience is very much needed when facing frustrating situations
  • Everything happens for a reason
I was just so thrilled, the first thing that came into my mind was to talk to mommy! LOL Funny thing is, I also realised in the past week that I talk to mom alot at home. Back in Penang, I'd walk into the kitchen where mom would be cooking/washing dishes & start yakking away whatever I had to say & then walk out of the kitchen. I almost forgot that dad comes home early from work every Wed. So yayy! I got to talk to dad & mommy at the same time!

So I was complaining to dad about how bad the customer service was regarding our phone line. The conversation below took place:-

Me: OMG, know, I always thought customer service overseas would be wayyy better than Malaysia...yadda yadda yadda...aiyo! Mana tau, they transfer you to this guy, then that guy, then this...blah blah the end the problem is still not solved! Then, we had to waste our mobile phone credit calling & calling...yadda yadda yadda...
Dad: *speechless* *laughs* Erm...I don't know what to say.
Me: No need to say anything, just listen can adee.
Dad: *laughs* That was what I've been experiencing all these years lo...People here also transfer you here & there. Takes ages to settle a matter.
Me: Really?! Hmm...I guess so. But at least you have the financial status to pay for bills & stuff. I'm only a poor student, having to pay for credit. Argh!
Dad: Haha...Welcome to the real world!
Me: Oh...I feel so welcomed!

Personally, I think that conversation was really funny. So now I've experienced what staying outside alone is like. =S Believe it or not, I think I've told Sue this before - Evertime I do my laundry/cooking, I'll think of mommy; when I have problems with the lights/heavy things, I'll think of dad. XD

On another note, I can't seem to get into the full swing of starting my assignment yet. Argh! I know that the deadline is drawing nearer & nearer but I just simply do not have the motivation to start. OMG!

p/s: Really missing everyone back home! I'm not saying it for the sake of saying it. I really mean it from the bottom of my heart! =)


Thursday, March 05, 2009

1st week of 3rd year uni

Hello people!

Missing me?! I doubt it. No one's showing me love - except for M *points to the right* XD Anyway, it's almost the end of 1st week of uni. Hehe...

In the past week, I -
  • moved from the city to the suburbs
  • vacuumed a huge cricket (probably killed it in the process - According to Jenn, it's roasted already =S)
  • got over feeling depressed about the new place
  • dropped Asian Performance to take up Health Psychology
  • have accepted the fact that 我不是你的谁
  • kept reminding myself of the reason I'm here in Adelaide
  • got down to doing some art & craft =P
  • tried not to think how torturous it is to have NO internet connection at home
  • have been watching videos I took of "my" baby boy when I think/miss him & realised how few videos I have of him!
  • got mistaken for a freshman by a freshman LOL
  • met up with JM & scared ourselves at the museum + laughing at some porno art at the art gallery
  • had my first meal at Knoodle Junction - with JM
  • was late for my 1st class of the week

Hmm...I can't seem to recall any other events that happened in the past week. I'm still relying on the internet at my campus. =( So bear with me as I am unable to update as much as I would like to.

p/s: hopefully internet will be connected by this week! *fingers crossed*



Tuesday, March 03, 2009

So sorry

I've been missing in action cause my new place doesn't have an internet connection yet! This is so frustrating...

On another note, 我才发现,我是多么地依赖着你的消息。有时候,看着你的朋友写给你的留言,我会从中猜测你的近况因为我不想让你觉得我很烦。最近,好像有传说你已不再是单身的消息,原来我也会觉得一丝丝的不舍。但,我还是为你高兴能够找到你的幸福。只希望,我们还是像以前一样,是很要好的朋友。无聊时,一样可以和彼此说废话。

Oh well, life goes on...& I guess we have our lives to live. It's just that I wish that we never had to go our separate ways. It's time to grow up, I think.