Thursday, March 26, 2009

What a way to start my day

Argh! This is soooo frustrating! I've been having problems enrolling for a submajor course in the 2nd period for a month now! My e-mails have been referred to several people & yet my problem is not solved. Why? Because the last person who received my e-mail just simply stopped replying me!

Yesterday I thought that enough is enough! I need to solve this problem soon before history repeats itself (like last year) so I personally went to the school office to find someone who could help me. There was a tinge of hope in me. I felt optimistic again. Was hoping that this problem would be solved by the end of this week so that I could arrange the timetable of my 2nd semester. The school office staff made an appointment for me to meet another staff whom she thought could help me. Although I didn't have class the next morning in the city, I agreed to the time because I was desparate for the problem to be solved!

So I sacrificed a few hours of sleep so that I could get to the city on time for the appointment. Guess what happened next? No prize for the correct answer. *rolls eyes* Not only she couldn't help (not that I blame her, she was new to her job), she referred me to one of the people who has stopped replying my e-mails! Argh! When I went to that person, she gave me this really arrogant face & reply. I soooo wanted to kill myself there & then. She asked me to drop her an e-mail because she didn't have time to talk & because my problem doesn't need to be solved immediately. Those were her exact words! WTH!

Just to let you know what happened last year. Beginning of last year I had problems enrolling in one of the courses for 2nd semester too. So I started e-mailing & looking for my school staff regarding my problem. As usual, e-mails were forwarded here & there, to this & that person....& they just simply stopped replying me e-mail (probably unable to solve my problem). Period. I got so fed up of e-mailing people because I was also stressed out with my assignments & tests at the same time. Hence, I told myself "take one step at a time". I left it as that. Before my 2nd semester started, I started looking for help again...However, all my effort was in vain. Again, I was so stressed about it I went looking for my Psychology support officer & guess what?! She indirectly accused me of not solving the problem in 1st semester! >( I felt so pissed because when I looked for her in 1st semester, she told me, "Well, this is a study period 5 (2nd sem) problem, so you still have a long way to go". ARGH!!!

I'm seriously sick of running around (literally) hoping someone would just be kind enough to settle the problem once & for all. I'm happy, they're happy...right?! Bah...


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