Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Extraordinary start to a day

OK, not exactly EXTRAordinary...but it was out of ordinary alright! For the 1st time in almost 3 years in Adelaide...guess what?!


I know for most people, oversleeping is like a daily "routine"...but it's rather unusual for me. Since I came to Adelaide, I am able to wake up on time to have breakfast & prepare for my classes. Oversleeping was totally out of the question!

Anyway, what happened this morning was this: I was having a dream...a rather weird dream. I'm not sure why I've been having weird dreams again lately, never used to have dreams when I'm back home. Right, where was I? I was having a dream about stormy seas & scary sea creatures. Wasn't too sure if I was alone, stranded in the middle of the sea. Someone was there with me but I couldn't recall who. So, when my alarm clock rang, my hand had a mind of its own & decided that it should press on the "snooze" button. I lost count of how many times I actually pressed on the "snooze" button. I wanted to get back into my dream to see what the ending would be like. You could say that I was actually "stuck" in the dream, trying to find my way out. However, something miraculous happened, I suddenly opened my eyes to check on the time. When I saw that the time was already 9:56am, my eyes opened 10 times wider than their original sizes!!!! My class was at 10am (but usually the uni gives 10 mins allowance, so lectures start at 10:10am). I literally jumped out of bed, put a cup of milk into the microwave, changed into t-shirt & jeans, applied face moisturiser & sunscreen on both arms, put my stationery case into my bag, combed my hair (y did I even bother combing?!), gulped down my milk with 2.5 teaspoons of Milo, peed & I was out of the apartment! Fortunately the lecture was in Magill (5 mins from where I stay)! I arrived for lecture feeling hot & sweaty. Phew!


In the afternoon on the way home from my city campus, an old man sat next to me. If you're imganing a weak & frail old man, you're wrong. He was old but strong, big & healthy. Get my drift? Anyway, I don't know for whatever reason, I looked down & saw one of his sports shoes, I went o.O I thought that was my foot because he was wearing the same brand & design. So I moved my foot & see if that shoe moved too. LOL He felt me fidgeting so I looked up & said to him "We're wearing the same shoes". & from that point onwards, our conversation started.

Him: So, are you working or studying?
Me: Oh, working. =)
Him: What are you studying?
Me: Psychology.
Him: Good fun. (I mistook that for "Where're you from")
Me: Malaysia.
Him: Haha...I just said good fun & you said Malaysia.
Me: Oh! Sorry...I thought you were asking me where I'm from. =D
Him: It's alright...It was just kind of funny. Malaysia...good fun.
Me: Hehe...

Apparently this guy is doing software engineering. Still very alert, mind you. LOL He was going on & on about his children...seemed like he's very proud of them. =) So his son just got his PhD in ermm...mathematics & had been working in the US for dunno-how-long. On the other hand, his daughter has masters in...omg, i forgot adee. =S Anyway, yeah, he told me that he took the bus to the city to just get a book. Wow! I mean, old people back home don't do that. He said something along the lines of "you can never stop learning". Very inspiring indeed. When I told him that I love learning, but dislike to be assessed (eg. taking exams etc.), he told me something that made me go o.O again. He said, "Well, when you think of it, u're constantly being assessed. In your workplace, you'll be assessed by your boss, colleagues & people around you." *speechless* It's true what he said & I suppose that doesn't stop us from becoming who we want to be & what we wanna do.

Hmmm...bus rides ain't that bad after all...when I don't doze off & knock my head against the window. XP


OK, this is not something that happened today but I thought it was quite interesting. I have a class/coursemate who is 22 this year & has been engaged for a few years now. I find that totally bizarre! Like...I'm turning 21 this year, & I can't even get over homesickness & staying on my own, living independently, coping with stress etc. & this girl...she's been staying with her fiance's parents while her parents are staying in Perth. o.O I mean...staying with your fiance's parents?! It's like they're already married! I so cannot imagine myself as being engaged & still studying. Na-ah.

p/s: Did I mention that I totally miss the love of my life?! The other day I was on webcam with my cousins & aunts on Skype...and there he was...oh-so-cute-&-adorable!! Felt like cuddling & squeezing him in my arms. When I heard his voice, my heart totally melted...I was totally speechless.


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