Sunday, March 15, 2009

She's unsure...

...if this has become a really bad habit or is a result of classical conditioning.

Home is supposed to be a source of comfort for her. A place where she doesn't have to worry about anything. A place where she can feel most at peace, knowing that her family & friends would always be there, providing her all the love & care that she needs.

However, why is it that those tears of hers would automatically run down her cheeks when she looks at pictures she took back home? Or when she hears that concerned voice of her mother's? Or when thoughts of her baby boy cross her mind?

Whenever she feels down, that four-lettered word would immediately swift through her mind like lightning. Even Penang look-alikes here make her feel SLIGHTLY more at home. She thinks she's losing it but no...she's not gonna lose it!



Maree said...

no she's not.she's going to be fine!*hugs her*

Kryptos said...

She misses home because that's where the people she loves are. But she also knows they love her as much, and that's what keeps her going.