Sunday, March 22, 2009

She's the man

First of all, this blog post has absolutely nothing to do with the movie "She's the Man". I just couldn't think of a decent post title.

Anyway, I've been meaning to blog about my 2nd week of uni but I change my mind since I lost the magic moment to blog adee. LOL & I realised that I haven't blogged about my February. So...yup, this post is about what I did in February, before I came back to Adelaide.

Hopefully, looking through the pics I took in February won't stimulate my tear glands, causing a massive downpour.

1st February
So, the 1st day of February, the whole family went out for dinner @ Manila Place on a Sunday night because brother was gonna leave on Wednesday that week. It was also the 1st time having dinner out as a whole family since my brother came back for 3 weeks. Usually we would have dinner at home. It was really great...finally the 4 of us reunited. No more feeling like an only child XP However, bro was leaving soon & I was gonna leave 11 days after that. Argh...I totally hate having a concoction of emotions. *bleh*

4th February
The day before Sue's departure, us Disted girls (of a different group) decided to have 1 last hangout @ Gurney Plaza. We got to catch up over lunch & express our feelings about leaving Penang. It was all good...At least I know that there are people out there who truly know how I feel. =) They are the people whom I hung out more during the summer holidays & I'm glad I did.

5th February
Hmm...I dunno where to start with this one. LOL I first got to "know" HY during CNY in 2008. Didn't really talk much to her as I felt a lil strange being around C's friends. Funny thing was, I mentioned to C that I was a little intimidated by HY & what do u know?! He asked HY & YY out in December to have dinner together with us & *zap* I dunno what happened along the way. I started going out with them more & when YY went back to study in Perlis, HY & I met up for a movie - Underworld 3. We had a gr8 time watching the movie & having lunch at Kim Gary after that. I guess 1st impressions aren't always accurate. ;) Good thing C asked them out for dinner in December. If not for him, I wouldn't have gotten to know a new friend, would I?

7th February
My baby boy went back to Singapore with his grandparents (my aunt + uncle). ='(

10th February
Since I got to know KT in 1999, we've been kinda close ever since. By close I mean, talking about anything in the world with each other. & of course when I found out that she was coming to study in Adelaide, I could not express how thrilled I was! Having someone you know for aeons here is definitely the best thing in the world! So we hung out alot in Adelaide, mostly during the holidays though. I'm not sure if I've blogged about this before. One time, when we went hiking at the Botanical Gardens, I almost died. I shall save that for another day. XD Anyway, we've been planning to go hiking for ages so I decided to just go ahead with the plan before I came back to Adelaide (she left almost a week after I did). Hehe...That's us...hiking & camwhoring along the way.

14th February
The day that every couple (or rather just the girls with bfs) has been waiting for. Well, since my friends & I are still single, we thought why not celebrate it among ourselves?! Ruth, YF & I headed to the Northam Beach Cafe for our dinner. Hmmm...I think we had ikan panggang, lasagne (with soup & dessert [omg the dessert!!]), muar chee...omg I can't remember! =S All I remember is that the food was yummy & we left with filled stomachs. LOL Happy Belated Valentine's Day girls! =D

15th February
After planning for sooo long, SM, XY & I finally met up! Too bad HN & SH couldn't make it though. =( We first became close in...let's see...2004. We were in the same group doing the SPM Additional Mathematics project. & the rest is history. XD I'm always glad that I get to keep in touch with old friends because nothing compares to them! Well, not that new friends are not good, it's just that old friends have known you longer & have probably been through a lot with u in those years that u've been friends.

18th February
The day before my dreaded day. Despite having to leave the next day, Shaun, Ruth & I met up for lunch at Kim Gary. & after that, we headed to PAH to visit Pras who has been admitted there.

That's pras, with Shaun Jr. Shaun made while waiting to visit her. LOL
19th February
I dun even know what to "say" here. I was dreading this day for almost a week even though I knew I had to face reality. Well...let's just say I managed to put up a brave front & held back the tears that have been desparate to flow. Besides, for the first time in 2 years (1st time not counted as mom went to Adelaide with me), I had a friend to keep me company during the flight. So it wasn't that bad...until I reached Adelaide & stepped into my room of course.

There you go, this is a post on what I did in February.



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