Tuesday, March 03, 2009

So sorry

I've been missing in action cause my new place doesn't have an internet connection yet! This is so frustrating...

On another note, 我才发现,我是多么地依赖着你的消息。有时候,看着你的朋友写给你的留言,我会从中猜测你的近况因为我不想让你觉得我很烦。最近,好像有传说你已不再是单身的消息,原来我也会觉得一丝丝的不舍。但,我还是为你高兴能够找到你的幸福。只希望,我们还是像以前一样,是很要好的朋友。无聊时,一样可以和彼此说废话。

Oh well, life goes on...& I guess we have our lives to live. It's just that I wish that we never had to go our separate ways. It's time to grow up, I think.



Maree said...

erm...sorry,but i have no idea what you wrote?i juz know u "wo sth sth sth sth."and then,you "wo shi duo(izit?) sth sth sth...)i recognize wo's very well..hahaha

Lin said...

it's juz a ermm...short "letter" to someone. lol..will tell u in e-mail =) hehe~