Thursday, March 05, 2009

1st week of 3rd year uni

Hello people!

Missing me?! I doubt it. No one's showing me love - except for M *points to the right* XD Anyway, it's almost the end of 1st week of uni. Hehe...

In the past week, I -
  • moved from the city to the suburbs
  • vacuumed a huge cricket (probably killed it in the process - According to Jenn, it's roasted already =S)
  • got over feeling depressed about the new place
  • dropped Asian Performance to take up Health Psychology
  • have accepted the fact that 我不是你的谁
  • kept reminding myself of the reason I'm here in Adelaide
  • got down to doing some art & craft =P
  • tried not to think how torturous it is to have NO internet connection at home
  • have been watching videos I took of "my" baby boy when I think/miss him & realised how few videos I have of him!
  • got mistaken for a freshman by a freshman LOL
  • met up with JM & scared ourselves at the museum + laughing at some porno art at the art gallery
  • had my first meal at Knoodle Junction - with JM
  • was late for my 1st class of the week

Hmm...I can't seem to recall any other events that happened in the past week. I'm still relying on the internet at my campus. =( So bear with me as I am unable to update as much as I would like to.

p/s: hopefully internet will be connected by this week! *fingers crossed*




Maree said...

"wo bu shi ni de what?"
hahaha!!eh...see...i knw hw 2 read leh..except for the last word...i hope ur internet will be connected soon!!:)

Lin said...

hahaha..."wo bu shi ni de shui"
direct translation is: i'm not ur anybody - it actually means that "i'm nobody to u".
yeah, i hope so too!!
i'm about to DIIIEEEEE! >.<

Maree said...

ooh...i knw i knw!hahaha...
lol...miss me izit...:P

rhi said...

u r NOT nobody to me!!! =P
i do miss you XD

Lin said...

oh rhian!! what a pleasant surprise!! awww...i miss all of u too! will post up a pic of something i made before i came back to adelaide =) hehehe...thanks for dropping by. i feel loved already! *hugs* take care!

sosoYi said...

Droping by to show you my LOVESSS....!!!! haha!!=DD

Lin said...

awww...thank u so much!! hehehe *muaks*