Sunday, June 27, 2010

Never too early

A few days ago, while feeling tired of studying, I went online to do a research on postgraduate studies in Australia. Since I was 14, I've always known what I wanted to do in life - get a bachelor's degree in psychology, do a postgraduate in psychology & work as a psychologist. That has always been my lifelong dream. However, I have a feeling that all these would change. Everything always doesn't go as planned & I'm thinking of Plan B, just in case I can't do what I wanna do. Who knows, I might end up doing something totally different! Like what this post title implies, it's never too early to plan. Right? Heh...this post is so pointless...but oh well, at least i'm updating!




rhi said...

of course i still read ur blog XD
i have been thinking about this "dream" thingy too lately..haha. having same dilemma..
*Hold on to ur dream as long as u can, though there may be obstacles ;)

Lin said...

Aww...thanks! =P

Yeah, I will. At least try to. Now my short-term goal is to get good results so that I can fulfill that dream of mine! =) That way, I'm halfway there! Thank you for the encouragement!!! <3