Monday, June 28, 2010

Strange place

It's strange that no matter how stressed I feel about an exam or an assignment, I'd eventually drift into a different dimension when I'm doing my revision/assignment. Just an hour ago, I was studying with Taylor Swift's songs blasting through my earphones, & I found myself in a strange place. LOL I felt calm & was actually enjoying studying what I was studying. @.@ How bizarre.

Since we're on this topic, let me digress a little. When I was in high school, I'd always have my afternoon nap (which lasted for hours) right after my lunch. Yup, without changing, without showering, I'd just flop myself on the bed & drift into dreamland. I really LOVE sleeping. There's an indescribable feeling about it. Sleeping "solves" most of my problems. LOL Like that time when I came home after an SPM paper (I think it was physics), I came home feeling down, knowing that I did quite a few mistakes. I immediately transported myself to dreamland & when I woke up hours later, that paper incident just felt like it never happened! Not only that, when I get EXTREMELY HORRIBLE menstrual cramps, all I need is something hot to drink/eat AND sleep, & when I wake up, everything's back to normal.

These days, I look forward to bed time so much 'cause that's how I run away from reality, from all the stress I'm facing. Every morning, the moment I open my eyes, I think to myself "Gosh, back to reality!" That's my life these days...for those who are wondering what I'm up to.



rhi said...

im here again!!! as if im stalking you everyday. hahaha =P
i totally agree with what you said about Zzzzz *high five!!* XD
Whereas for the bizarre part..perhaps God's watching you study ;) hehe.

Lin said...

HAHA! my only loyal reader left! XP thank you thank you! yayy!! *high 5* Yeah, maybe...hehe! Or it could be that I've stressed enough till there's nothing to feel stressed about anymore.