Tuesday, December 04, 2007


Woke up...had my breakfast consisting of half-boiled egg with soy sauce and pepper and homemade bread (yummy!!), checked my e-mail...

There it was, sitting in my inbox!

The name was EM...so I thought it was from EM that I know in Adelaide, but I felt a little weird as why EM would send me e-mails about volunteering in medical camps =S

As I read the e-mail further, I realised it was from EM, my bio lecturer who taught me last year!!

She's a strong woman with aspiration to care for the environment. She loves her job as a botanist and most of all, she's the one who inspired me!

Well, she's also the one who got me into donating my hair to kids who have diseases that cause hair loss. =)

I really can't wait to see her again...never in my life had someone influenced me so positively!!

Time to get ready and go out for lunch!!

Before I go, I realised Penang people are just so simple...I can go out in a T-shirt and shorts...without even worrying about not shaving the hair on my legs! Lalala~ I feel so free!!



Anonymous said...

fyi, i shave my legs.. XD


Lin said...

cheh!! i know la!! BLEK!!!!!!!! XP

genieve said...

ahem, i miss malaysia!!!!!!!!!!

i wanna wake up at home!

i miss malaysia's simplicity :)

Lin said...

haha~ at last, girl!! i hear from u after ages!!
how ya doing?! is everything alright??
K.I.T. k?! *hugs*

raptor_ravenlord said...

sayy....i shave my legs too....haha kiddin. hmmm.....shud take a look at d girls' legs here in japan....if only they dun all wear those dark coloured stockings all d time.....

Lin said...

omg...that's all u can say?!
"if only they dun all wear those dark coloured stockings all d time....."??
LOL y m i not surprised?
so glad to hear from u...after ages!