Friday, December 02, 2005


that i'll NEVER EVER cry because of a guy...

haha...this post is damn wu liao !

ok, anyway...i'm gonna start a beauty i'm gonna :

  • drink at LEAST 8 glasses of water a day
  • exercise regularly
  • sleep early
  • try out some (hehe) natural beauty tips (ok...weird vocab)

i guess that's it kua...i woke up at 8am today to go for a morning walk at the botanical garden with my mom, aunt and cousin...hehe...i felt so fresh when i came home and showered! =D

i mom's gonna take me to the optometrist's to check my eyesight and get contact lenses!! kinda excited...LOL...i'm sure my eye power has increased...*sigh*


kryptos said...

exercise? haha! u can join us for a hike up pg hill!

how was bio?

Lin Whatever! said...

NO WAY!! thanks anyway...i don't go for 'extreme' sports =D

bio was kinda crappy la...hehe...cause didn't really study...but thank God half the questions asked was what i read the night before! hope i didn't screw up la...=P

Lin Whatever! said...

oh and one more thing!!

kaypo me and went and changed answers!! so i got 4 obj questions wrong because of my 'kayponess'!!