Sunday, March 05, 2006

FABULOUS! u know this is definitely gonna be a happy post!!

juz got back from hanging out with my friend in high school (she brought her 13-year-old bro. along)....we watched 2 movies in a was great! the first movie was Heirloom, a horror movie...i think. the second one was Casanova which was hilarious! really had fun laughing the whole entire time in the cinema...=D

heirloom....well, i like the story about the family keeping a child spirit or something....but then i didn't like the way they presented was boring...haha, but my friend was sooo afraid, she watched the whole movie through her fingers =P it was funny...

after those 2 movies, we went for ice cream at Haegan Dazs!! my goodness...i didn't have to pay though =P my friend's mom gave us a friend ordered a Fondue, and we was heavenly!! the whole order looks like a steamboat...haha...instead of raw meats, there were ice cream balls, fresh fruits and cookies around it....and in the middle, there's grounded (?) nuts and chocolate syrup!! YUMMY!! from now on, i wanna fatten myself up!! =))'s great to catch up with old friends...since i've left high school, i keep feeling like hanging out with my girl friends from high school...hehe...i love all-girl nice...girl talk and everything, the company...juz makes my day! ;)

p/s : oh, i forgot to say this! haha....i got to chat with my crush 2 days ago!!! and i found out that he's really neat! oh opposite of me! *blush*

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