Saturday, March 11, 2006

most awkward moment EVER!

ok, so my college is supporting the cancer society i'm supposed to go around collecting donations...

because i'm a last-min person, i suddenly thought of asking my neighbours for donations, since they live so nearby and i know them...hehe...

i went to the 3rd floor, after asking for donation from one house, i proceeded to my guy friend's house, also on the 3rd floor. i rang the doorbell, but the people inside took forever to open the wooden door... i waited and waited and waited...i nearly gave up when the wooden door suddenly swung open...and out came my friend's elder bro....half naked! *shrieks* followed by his gf (luckily fully dressed!) i was dumbstruck!

M - my friend's bro
m - me

M: looking for my bro is it?
m: (nodded)
M: he's not in
m: would u like to donate (was stammering!!)
M: for...??
m: (showing him the donation card in my hand) this cancer...thingy
M: ok, sure! (and he walked in to get the money)

as for me, i felt so damn awkward!! i stood behind the wall next to his grilled door...

M: y are u hiding over there? there u go...(was about to walk in)
m: no ah...oh, thanks...ermm, can u pls write ur name and sign...thank u!
M: (signing) u can juz write my bro's name la...

but his gf took the card and wrote it for me =P when M was done with the pen, he went 'hey, nice pen...thanks' and was walking in!

u know me la...i'm very 'straight' wan i thought he was seriously gonna take my pen and never gonna return it to me...then his gf was still there some more! i was laughing oh-so-awkwardly and saying 'thanks...but hey! that's my school pen!'

whoa! i quickly thanked him and RAN home once we were done! my goodness! but thinking back on it, i think it was hilarious...if only his gf wasn't there...i wouldn't have acted so weirdly...ARGHH! *smacks forehead*


pink positive!! said...

ahaha...i never tot u'll fell awkward in this kinda situation...hehe...r u thinkin bout something naughty?..=p

Lin Whatever! said...'s not every day u see a cute guy half naked u know?! and his gf was there!

i mean...i hate facing a couple when i know one of them...u know what i mean?

pink positive!! said...

ahahaa...yeah!'s really awkwars if the person is the one u know..but for me if it;s a stranger..i dun feel anything ler~~ehehe~