Saturday, March 04, 2006

FIRST time ever in my life...i got a guy friend a birthday gift (a t-shirt BTW), it doesn't fit him!

i know, it's not a big deal actually, but see, i have this habit, if i get a gift for someone, i would really hope that person could actually use/like it! like...the perfect gift! u know...haha...and i would give the person the best!

oh well, i dunno how to put it into words and i feel sleepy u get what i mean...=P


kryptos said...

Oh, so tst is fatter than you thought? ;P

Lin Whatever! said...

YES!! haha...or maybe 'muscular'? =D
can't believe he can't wear it la!!!!!!!!!!!!!! we went and changed a bigger size (which is the largest d) so i really hope he can wear it la!

kryptos said...

"muscular"? ROTFLOL ;P

Lin Whatever! said...

LOL...he said too small...he added the 'too' there u know?! what do u think he meant by TOO small?! :S

must be muscles kua...HAHAHAHAHAHAHA
remember to check for me when u guys go out...haha