Saturday, June 11, 2005

You Were Meant For Me


i'm back!!! happy? well, i doubt anyone's happy, since i'm a trouble maker =P
ok, why haven't i updated my blog? cause my ram was down, and my comp was sent for it's been a month now...kinda miss hanging online, downloading and listening to songs...and check out ppl's blogs...really miss u guys!!! (those i usually chat with online)
in case u're wondering 'what's with the title?''s the song i'm listening to right now. it's sung by jewel and then bellefire sang it's a really nice song...i love it!!
hmmm...what have i done lately...let's see...i'm lazing around in front of the TV whole day (since my comp's not home =( ) and i've done 3 quarter of my homework...which is actually not goal is to finish ALL my homework within the 1st week of holidays so that i can start studying during the 2nd's already i have like one and a half days left...wish me luck! =D

ok, today's Friday (last fri of my hol d) *sulks* and guess what? i haven't completely finished my homework as planned....didn't even study one bit and....made a hole in the sofa (lol...juz exaggerating...cause i sit on the couch whole day watching TV/channel surfing) but good news is...i played piano!! and right now i'm so determined to pass my grade 6 practical next year AND pick up guitar lessons cause i always have this picture of me playing an electric guitar with a band on stage in my mind (=D) well, u (especially TST would be laughing at me right now, i know it!) BUT i'm sure that could happen....keke~ hope so...

this entry is gonna be damn long since i haven't been blogging for more than a month now! i've been doing alot of thinking...about my future...i know it may be too early/late...i don't quite like to study so i have myself a few options on what to do IN CASE i juz simply give up studying..of course my MAIN goal is to be a major dream! IF i don't get to be a psychologist, i'll try to be an air hostess for at least 2 years (i know i'm short, but my height is the i'm layak! )*blek* if not, maybe i would build a modelling empire for short models...haha...sounds funny huh? cause i'm short that's y...ppl always have this conception in their heads that models should be tall and slim...y not short and slim? *wink* and...i would really hope to try out different kinds of job before i really settle down for a stable one (psychologist)...ok, enough of what i thought...proceed to the next paragraph for my FIRST trip to RedBox =S

to be frank, there were 4 girls that day including me and ermm....dunno-how-many boys (too dark to see and lazy to bother anyway), anyway, one of them is my friend's bf....i wasn't quite sure if i wanted to go cause usually i prefer going out with ppl i know so i was a lil reluctant...but i went anyway...actually i'm still not quite sure y i went since i'm don't feel comfortable singing in front of so many ppl and ppl i don't know...maybe i thought i could overcome that fear...ok, so they picked mostly chinese songs and only a few malay and eng songs...let's say i didn't sing la for that 3 hours...i know...u'll be thinking 'what a waste of money!' right? well, i didn't pay =P my friend's bf paid for us...he refused to accept our case u're wondering 'how old is that guy?!' , he's the same age as i am, 17. (OMG! my first fullstop!!lol....) oh, and did i mention i hated that room we were in? it was full of ciggar smoke smell...ARRGHHH...i swear if next time i were to go redbox again, it would be everyone i wasn't as fun as i expected it to be...*rolls eyes*

i've got loads to say...but, i've gotta, stay tune for my latest entry! of my options is to be a VJ *grins*

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