Thursday, June 01, 2006

F*****G cockroach!!!

yesterday night...i was lying on my bed reading Malaysian Studies notes...with my head against the wall...suddenly i felt a heavy bug fall on my head, so i simply swept it away...thinking it was a beetle or whatever that doesn't scare me...upon curiosity, i got up to check it GOODNESS!! AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH~ it was a F*****G COCKROACH!! SHIT! i quickly got the Ridsect and sprayed at it...when it fell on its back, i thought to myself that this is a great opportunity to kill it by spraying loads and loads of Ridsect on it...make it suffocate! whole room smelt of Ridsect, so i turned on my rotating fan to blow away the the meantime, i took my notes to the living room to study...and sms-ed C...while sms-ing halfway, i went back to my room to check out that FILTHY roach...SHIT! it wasn't there!! O.O i nearly wanted to sleep in the living room! i cannot sleep, imagining that filthy thing still lurking around in my room!! =S i didn't want it to crawl all over me!!

so i sprayed my entire room again, hoping to suffocate it juz in case it's still loitering in my room...haha...and so to avoid the smell, i continued sms-ing C...until he said he wanted to go to bed...and i was yawning was 1:25am when we bid each other goodbye...i was too tired to bother about the roach by then...i checked under my pillow and bolsters...not there...ok...good! and i immediately fell asleep without any difficulty...i slept so soundly that i couldn't hear my handphone ringing when my friend sent me an sms at 5am in the morning! whoa!!

p/s: i think i'd better overcome the fear for cockroaches...what if my future husband's afraid of it too?! LOL~ then both of us are doomed! =D well, at least if i've overcome my fear...i can protect my husband if he's afraid of it =P haha...lucky him huh?


pink positive!! said...

haha....u think so far d?...future husband?..herm....ekekek

i hate croaches too~!!'s like the most disgusting n scary creature on earth~!!...ewww....

haha....if i were u..i'll just spend the night elsewhere..:p

n dun use's for mosquitos...use some other kind of spray specially for croaches...cuz croached is as tough as hell!!...they won't die even if u cut it into 2~!!

POel said...

hahahha!!! lucky husband....but I am GLAD to have a brave daddy..coz i am totaly freaked out by those creepy crawllies too!!...

Lin Whatever! said...

pink - haha...there is a spray specially for cockroaches!?

poel - awww...hehe, thanks! =P

GLO said...

*sigh*...dun use any's unhygienic...use hot water...sure die one...pour boiling hot water over it nia immediately die the corpse is kept perfectly fine, hygiene and without toxics...(u already sterilize it...)

ya the cockroach will turn hard oso...coz most of the enzymes were destroyed. so easy to pick up with tissue oso....unlike the messy splat of corpse after u step/slap on it...u can consider inject formaline inside it and make it a lil model on ur display shelf.

easy right? lolz

Lin Whatever! said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA~ crazy la u!! u expect me to go boil water in the middle of the night!?!

i think when i've finished boiling water ah...the cockroach is no where to be seen d la!! LOL~

but if time i'll try...haha...i'll prove to the whole world that i am able to protect my useless husband!! =D