Saturday, March 26, 2005

GOT to be physically and mentally prepared!!

great...tomorrow's saturday and guess what? that means i'm gonna see Black B...and THAT person's gonna 'torture' us with those toturous warm-ups...

so...i've decided to 'warm-up' tonight to prepare for tomorrow! haha~ juz got to be physically and mentally prepared, or else... XP

oh, and my class is gonna present a sketch for the 'xie4 shi1 yan4' and the song is called 'I'll say a little prayer' which is the soundtrack of my best friend's we kinda got auditioned in class today to see if we're singing for the high/medium/low pitch...

and i changed the lyrics to that song, ENJOY!

Say A Little Curse For You by ME ! *wink*
[chorus] :
Forever, and ever,
you'll stay in my BUTT (couldn't find a word that rhymes with 'heart'),
and I'll HATE you
Forever, and ever,
we never will part,
oh I HATE you
LET'S BREAK UP, forever,
that's how it should be
Living without you
Would only mean HEAVEN for me...

haha~ it's dedicated to no one in particular...i got bored during the discussion of our class presentation...

ARRGHHH..i nearly forgot!! i'm starting to have that XINCH-SYNDROME!! yesterday during modern maths lesson...i was drinking and the next thing i know...there was a big pool of water on top of my friend's maths paper and of course table too (and mine too =P)

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