Sunday, March 27, 2005


i'm back...still alive and kicking...haha~ juz when u thought it couldn't get any worse...Black B asked us to run 2 rounds around our school seemed like my heart was gonna jump out from my mouth!! but...i'm thankful i'm still alive and typing this entry =D Black B was still as fierce and stern as ever...but Black B looked cute from the side...juz like a lil kid...really cute!!

oh....and the sat. before school hol, my friend and i decided to pull a prank on our friend, KT by keying in her crush's name and one of our instructor's h/p no. in her she thought that no. was my friend's (because she saw her keying it in) so she sms-ed 'her' to ask if she's going to that taekwondo training camp cause i'm not going...and then 'my friend' replied " u wanna date me ah? " haha~ and it was Black B who used THE instructor's phone to reply KT...haha...we were laughing our heads off!!

currently listening to 'vacation by simple plan' ~

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