Monday, March 21, 2005


reading back my previous entry, it seemed like i've been dumped or something, but no... it was juz something really stupid...
i've got school tomorrow!! (no, i'm not excited!!) *BLEK*
no more sleeping till 9/ more lazing around at home, no more watching TV endlessly etc. =(
i made a list of to-do's this hol :
  1. finish reading the novel my friend lent me
  2. finish my homework before wednesday
  3. study a lil chem
  4. read some stories from Julia's sunday and the only thing i've accomplished is 1 on the list. i haven't even finished my homework!! ='( there's half an essay left (can u believe it?! half!! i was too sleepy last night to finish the rest) and not only that...there's this stupid 'peka' i haven't touched yet...y? because our teacher asked us to plant some taugeh and mark the roots...bla bla bla...the taugeh's i planted are half dead adee...see how 'successful' i am?

i'm starving adee...juz came back from my 2.5 hours of physics tuition, and the room was freezing cold...that's not something important anyway, so signing off!

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