Monday, December 15, 2008

My christmas wish... to pass my driving test!!

Had my 2nd driving lesson today...I did OK I think...still I can't help but feel a lil afraid on the road with all those freaking motorcyclists & buses.

This is what my driving instructor said, "It's not that you don't know how to drive, you're too nervous."

Well, he's so right! Because I freaking had a traumatic experience with the previous driving instructor!! *sigh* I need a psychologist help me overcome my fear of driving. I just hope I remember the 2 test routes he showed me today!

Will update with pictures soon! After I've done something fun! XD



Anonymous said...

I wish you a very good Christmas, hope your driving lessons are going well, and that you pass the driving test when the time comes.

Anonymous said...

Aiyah you can one!!!


Lin said...

The Driving Instructor UKADI: Hi, LOL...thanks! =)

GF: i hope so!!! thanks!! <3

Mockingbird said...

i wonder is it easier to pass one's driving test in Australia or Malaysia :)

I'm sure it's much easier in both Australia and Malaysia than it is in Singapore :p

Just take deep breaths and relax when you drive :)

The more you tense yourself up, the harder it is to drive well :)

Lin said...

mockingbird: depends i guess =S easier in what sense? cause in aus, u can choose either manual or auto whereas in malaysia, we have to learn n take the test using a manual car. the driving condition in malaysia is also worse than australia.

hehe...yeah, i hope i'd make it! =) thanks!

Mockingbird said...

Sounds like it's easier to learn driving in Australia than in Malaysia then.

But one thing's for sure. Singapore is definitely one place where it's harder to get one's driving license than in Australia and Malaysia. `Cos the traffic police here are so super strict :p