Wednesday, December 31, 2008

And again...

I'm in a dilemma! It's new year's eve...& once again a bunch of people asked me out =S I'm not sure if I should go.

Decisions...decisions. If only I could just toss a coin. Everytime that same bunch of people ask me out, I rejected them many many times. & now I'm thrown into this whirlwind of dilemma again. I should learn to be more decisive when it comes to things like this.

Should I go or not? What will my verdict be? Would I make the wrong decision? Would I enjoy myself?

Will update soon.



blushstar said...

Aha! You wanna go yet you don't wanna? Funny la you...did you get bullied? Anyway, happy new year!!! My phone didn't have any credit left, so I didn't send msg to anyone...sorry! said...

its new years eve! wear something nice and sit outside your front door at least! if your not going out lol


Lin said...

LOL!! so did u do that?! XD i know what to do next year! =P said...

just so when people ask you what did u do on ny's eve, u just say "oh i was out. yup... how about u?" LOL