Saturday, January 10, 2009

My summer hols December 2008

5th December 2008

Friends I got to know during Disted-Stamford days fetched me from the airport to surprise my parents whom didn't have a clue (or so I thought) that I was reaching that night. I would say that the surprise was kinda successful. =P

8th December 2008
Had sardine + cucumber for breakfast since ages! Home sweet home!! <3

Had a trim & decided that I should try giving myself bangs so that I look younger than my age. =D

9th December 2008
Finally! After 9 months of cooking on my own, I got to taste my mom's yummy bak moy!

11th December 2008
Mom made Jawa mee, which was comparable to the ones sold at hawker centres but healthier!

15th December 2008
Had dim sum for breakfast @ Bali Hai with Prasana & Ruth. OH boy, you wouldn't know how much we laughed that day. All because of those funny-looking geoduck, fishes with kissable-looking "lips", escaping spider lobsters etc.

Had pizza for dinner with mommy & papa @ Pizza Hut.

17th December 2008
Disted girls' lunch out @ Manhattan Fish Market

18th December 2008

Had dinner @ Sakae Sushi with C & his gang or as he calls it - OUR gang. LOL

19th December 2008
Celebrated Wai Che's birthday at Sakae Sushi the next day & I met PQ "unofficially" there! XP We were planning to meet up & I've met her here! =) The whole table was surrounded by progesterone-rich beings. XP Later that night, we had KFC for dinner at Wai Che's place, courtesy of her parents. It was really fun, getting to know some Union girls & really enjoyed the bonding session except the fact that I got an irritating eye later that night. =(

21st December 2008
Had a really great meet-up with Pei Qi, my pre-school friend. She blogged about our outing here. Pai seh, I'm trying to summarise my whole December into 1 blog post. =P

On the same day, at night, I had dinner with my aunt's family + "my baby boy" @ a hawker food centre opposite Super Tanjung. Got to eat curry mee! =D

After that, met up with some of the OCFers who are from Penang & also Chloe who was going to go back to KL the next day.

24th December 2008
Christmas Eve! Remember my dilemma? I decided to spend Christmas Eve at my friend, PQ's church! =) Half of me wondered how it would have been if I went out with the other group of friends, but I guess every decision made is of a reason. I got to spend time with PQ & got to know BX more. I am happy to say that I did not regret my decision. ;)

25th December 2008
Had Christmas lunch at Prasana's place! Her mom & herself prepared various types of yummy food! Had fun catching up with Disted friends too...Everyone commented on how I still laugh like a horse & that I should go to a turf club for a date in the future so that my guy wouldn't suspect anything if he hears me laugh. He'll think it's just one of the horses.

29th December 2008
Met up with Yon Lynn, my high school friend! Haven't seen her since beginning of 2007, before I left for Adelaide. She's still as crazy as ever & never fails to crack me up! XD

30th December 2008
Had breakfast @ Mr. Pot with Alicia, whom I've known since primary school. We had a good time catching up with each other's lives overseas. Glad we're still keeping in touch after all these years!

31st December 2008
The fantastic 4 reunites with a new member (JM's sis)! The 4 of us bought the global warming shirt beginning of last year.

Later that night, I decided that maybe I should give OUR group of friends a chance. LOL That day, I finally learnt a way to face annoying people! XP & thus, my new year resolution would be to keep that up. Hehe~

So, that's all for December, will update about January soon, I hope. =P No promises. Anyway, I know this is a little too late, but Happy New Year! May you guys have a blessed year ahead! ;)

p/s: Taking my driving test this Monday, pray for me! =S



raptor_ravenlord said...

looks like u had a damn eventful holidays, n it was only for december...!! *envy*

btw... sardines wif cucumber? i tot we add onions usually

n wats the square pizza... new menu at pizza hut??

Lin said...

hehehehe...told u u should've come back! =(

LOL when i took a closer look at my sardine pic, i juz realised my mom added cucumber & onions. =P yummy!

yup, there were 2 ermm...different flavours from diff countries...the flags on the pizza represent the countries of which the flavours come from. but hoh, now i'll reconsider going back to pizza hut. it seems that non-malays pay more tax than the malays =.=

blushstar said...

Hey Ee Lin!

How was your driving test? Did you pass?

Anyway, didn't know you know Ruth! And JM...Ruth was my church friend last time, before she left for another church.

I got to know who's JM through her younger sis, who's one year younger than us. She says that I look like JM,h hahaaa...


Lin said...

hey PQ~

Ermm...I failed the first time but pass the second! =P I failed on the road swt. I made the wrong turn & that's it! >.<

LOL I got to know Ruth during Disted days. Well, more like after. =P

Oh wow! It's a small world after all...=D Everyone knows everyone in Penang, scarrryyyy...

Hope everything's going gr8 for u! ;) Well, in case I'll b occupied during CNY, Happy Chinese New Year! =) Take care *hugs*

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