Saturday, January 24, 2009

Ermm...growing up?

I just got back from an eventful night...well, maybe for just that half an hour (or less/more, I can't even remember correctly!). This was what happened...

A friend of mine, C, just got back from KL Thursday night, so he had asked me out before he even got back. So I went out for supper with C & a bunch of "our" friends at this hawker centre located dunno-where. It was fun sitting in the midst of a bunch of people who are completely different from the bunch of people I hang out with. So far, I'm still successful in sticking to my new year resolution so it's all good.

*fast forward*

After dropping L home, C, H & I were the only ones left in the car. I sat at the back, as usual. Because C's car doesn't have seatbelts at the back, I was kind of afraid that the police (P) would stop us due to the recent law on fining if seatbelts are not fastened. Hah! & what do u know?! Indeed we were stopped by a police. Insides of me churned like nobody's business, cold sweat broke out from my forehead, palms & even the soles of my feet. I mean, I have never been in a car that has been stopped by a P ever in my almost-21 years of existence!=S As there were people standing nearby & watching, the P asked us to jalan without having us to pay a single cent! We couldn't believe our "luck", but I could hear the word jalan LOUD & CLEAR! So I asked C to drive away quickly before the P decided to change his mind! Only then did I wake up from my nightmare. It was over. Though my heart was still pounding hard in my chest & my body was shaking, I heaved a sigh of relief. I really admire how H & C could laugh it off after that - genuinely or to make me feel better, I'm not sure. They had to assure me that it was OK & that it's a part of growing up. Oh well, after this experience, I have a strong feeling that my 2009 would be an extremely eventful one. ;)

Everything happens for a reason right? I just have to trust God in this new year. I have a feeling He'll bring me new experiences where I could learn something though I might not know what yet. I'll just have to live & see. =) I really really thank God that nothing bizarre happened & that C did not have to be blacklisted or anything. Not forgetting that He has blessed me with friends who know how to handle situations which I do not know how to & assuring me that everything's OK when I feel worried. Thank God in every circumstance right?! Amen! =)

p/s: Will update about eventful January, soon...I hope. =P



blushstar said...


happy chinese new year to you. =D

Hmm, there is a reason(s) for each event to happen, and also for the timing of each event to happen. Really thank God that C wasn't blacklisted, it'll be horrendous.

God will definitely bring you through this year, we have to trust Him, and as we do, He will honour us too. =)

Hmm, anyway, I wonder who is C...=P

Lin said...

Hey PQ!

Happy Chinese New Year to you too! =) Glad to be home with ur family eh? ;) God bless the time u have with ur family.

Yup, let's strive to grow in Christ together! I still needs lots of effort. =S

LOL well, i'm sure u know who C is.