Sunday, January 25, 2009

Happy Chinese New Year... all my readers! *aisyeh* As if I have many readers liddat. =P

Anyway, may the ox year be a gr8 year for all of u & that lots of love & joy will be in store for you! =)

p/s: Though CNY is a jolly festive season, I can't help but to dread the day I have to leave Penang T.T



Prissy said...

It would be another month of holidays la.. hehe.. Enjoy CNY first! Anyway I will be in Malaysia and Hong Kong for 17 days from 31st Jan..YEAH!! See u when we r back in adelaide!

Lin said...

hahaha...not really 1 month. less that 1 month. ahhh~ i dread adelaide!=( well, enjoy urself & dun get robbed! =P c ya!